God is a Holistic God and Cares Accordingly7 min read

God Cares

God is a Holistic God and Cares Accordingly7 min read

God is a holistic God in that He doesn’t just care about our spirituality, but cares for body, soul and spirit. He knows what you need before you even ask for it. All He asks is that you believe in Him.

A Mighty Catch

Crowds came to hear the Master expand on the principles of heaven, for His fame was spreading. Even the demons recognized that this Galilean was the long prophesied and awaited Messiah, the Christ, Luke 4:41.

Peter, the oldest of the disciples and a married man, was a professional fisherman. He had been a disciple of John the Baptist, before he left to briefly follow Jesus.

Peter was in partnership with the two sons of Zebedee, James and John. The importance given to Zebedee suggests he financed his two teenage sons into the business. They had fished all night and caught nothing and were busy washing, and checking their nets in preparation for another night’s fishing, Luke 5:2.

Jesus asked Peter to take him a little offshore so He could teach the multitude. When Jesus finished speaking He instructed Peter to go out into deep water and let down the nets. That instruction didn’t make sense as they normally fished at night in shallow water. During the day the fish retreated into water that was too deep for the nets to reach them. Daytime was for resting, not fishing.

Peter objected, because they had worked hard all night, but obeyed anyway. Peter did not yet understand that God is a holistic God, caring for all needs.

First Call

They obeyed the Master and put down the nets and caught such a great catch the nets began to break. Peter yelled for his partners to join him, and they filled two boats to the point of beginning to sink.

They were amazed and even more so when Jesus told them from that time they would be fishers of men, Luke 5:10. They left everything and followed the Master. Their time as professional fishermen was over.

Yet, why would you leave all your investment to go follow a guy who offered no paid employment, and no sure future? What did they see in this carpenter from Galilee, that they were prepared to abandon their entire way of life?

Cadets in Training

Little did they know they would be entering a time of intense training. Army boot camp would be a walk-in-the-park by comparison.

For over three years they wandered like nomads. Jesus instilled into them the heavenly principles that would last them for the remainder of their lives. They saw all kinds of miracles and thousands follow the Master. They also saw the opposition.

Always there was controversy around their Master, as he openly opposed the religiosity of the Jewish leaders. Finally, the day came when they crucified Him. We can barely comprehend the depths of the disciples’ valley of despair.

On the third day He rose again, just as He had often promised them He would. Twice He appeared to the disciples following His resurrection, but the problem was He only came for a short period and was gone again. They were to go to Galilee and He would meet them there, Matthew 14:28; Mark 16:17.

Life in Turmoil

The disciples were in total disarray. They thought He was the long prophesied and awaited Messiah. Now He was gone. Peter had failed His master when Jesus was arrested and still smarted over that. The life they had lived with Him, no longer existed.

Peter made the decision to return to fishing. When all else is lost we return to what we know best. It was preferable to sitting at home sulking over what could have been. James and John and two others quickly said they would join Peter, John 21:3.

Another Wasted Night

It was another fruitless night, for they caught nothing. They were frustrated, and anger was beginning to burn in the depths of their belly, amid the turmoil of despair and hopelessness. How could He fill them with so many promises and hope of a glorious future, only to have it brutally ripped away from them? Why hadn’t He set up His earthly kingdom as was prophesied in the Jewish scriptures? What were they going to do with the rest of their lives? They were young men and still under the heavy yoke of Rome. Would it have been better to have never met the Master?

How often have we been in the place where death has ripped our world violently apart? Stunned and shocked beyond belief we were forced to walk on. No choice but to try to build a new life, with a gap so deep inside we felt none could fill it. Life could never be the same again. We believed in God, yet how could He allow this to happen to us?


As they approached the shore, they saw a man standing there. They didn’t recognize Jesus, who called to them to cast the net on the right-side of the boat. Again, it was as unrealistic command, just as it had been the first time – a lifetime ago. Did they even remember the first time, so much had happened since then? Still, they obeyed the order.

There were so many fish they couldn’t load it into the boat. There was a total of 153 fish. All they could do was haul the net behind the boat towards the beach. This time the net did not break.

This was prophetic of the souls from every tongue, tribe and nation who would accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. None will be lost of those whom the Father has given Him, John 6:38. These simple fisherfolk would become fishers of men and spearhead a totally new thing.

God is a Holistic God

John finally recognized Jesus on the beach. Peter impetuously threw his coat on and dived into the water and swam ashore.

There was a red-hot fire burning and aroma of cooking fish filled the air. A sumptuous meal ready for breakfast. Jesus fed them, John 21:13.

The resurrected Lord didn’t go to the supermarket to purchase bread or go out and fish. He was the one who had fed 5,000 men, not including women and children, John 6:1ff. On another occasion he fed 4,000 men with a few loaves and fishes, Mark 6:33ff. Whether meeting the needs of thousands, or just a few, is immaterial to the Creator of the universe. He is the Great I Am.

Reconfirmed Their Calling

Jesus used this incident to reconfirm their calling over three-years ago. The first time they had a mighty catch, Luke 4:41, they had given up fishing to enter a cadetship of intense training.

Now, after a lot of growing, testing and trauma, Jesus confirmed their calling once again. This was like a graduation ceremony. He would soon leave them and send another Comforter to guide and lead them. John 15:26. The Spirit of Truth, who would lead Christ’s followers into all truth.

God is Holistic

God is not just interested in our spiritual life but tends our body, soul and spirit. We are a tripart-being and serve a tripart-God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This appearance of Jesus to His distressed disciples assured them He knew what they were suffering. He understood their every heartache and agony of soul. He knows our needs before we even ask for help, Matthew 6:8.

We need that Comforter now, more than ever, in a world that is full of chaos and trauma. A place where it is difficult to discern the false from the true. More than ever, we need to know the Word of God and all His promises and be of good courage. He is a holistic God who never leaves us, nor forsakes us, Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 13:5. A promise given to the Hebrew people, but one for all believers in Jesus Christ. You are not alone. Be strong and lift up your head for your redemption draws near, Luke 21:28.  More than ever you need to remain firmly grounded in faith in your Heavenly Father, in a world that grows darker every day.

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