How Important is the World Government Summit?8 min read

World Summit

How Important is the World Government Summit?8 min read

The importance of the World Government Summit is seen as a top heading that will attract viewers, compared to ‘Is there an Antichrist Pathway in existence?’ So, World Government Summit it is. However, an Antichrist pathway would need to be formed for one man to rise to global power. These things do not happen overnight. Are there signs of that pathway already in existence? The resounding answer comes back, “Yes”.

An Opera

Liken it to an opera. First, the play needs to be written, the cast assembled and taught their role, and the set built. Then comes the opening scene.

Is this opera already under production? The answer is again a resounding yes. We have the end from the beginning in the written Word of God, Isaiah 46:10. We can read the entire scene and see the end result in Revelation 20:10. Much has been written about that, so we don’t need to elaborate on it. Instead, let us look to see if the pathway to power already exists.

World Government Summit

The World Government Summit, WGS, began in Dubai in 2013 and has continued annually. The themes they explore include building citizen-trust in governmental entities, social media as a tool for civic engagement, private-public sector partnerships, and measuring developments.

The summit brings together governments, international organizations, thought and private-sector leaders from around the globe. We used to call them ‘think tanks’.

WGS promotes international cooperation and enables governments to identify innovative solutions for future challenges. Their aim is to inspire and enable the next generation of government. They say they are shaping a better future for humanity through government dialogue and policies. There is a focus on the issues of futurism and technological innovations. Other topics include Ai through to general happiness.

The World Government Summit is a global, knowledge exchange platform for governments. Considering knowledge doubles every 12 hours the WGS forms a vital link. We are truly in the Days of Noah’, Matthew 24:37, when they spoke one language and knowledge abounded, where people lived for several centuries.

WGS Chairperson

The chairman of the WGS is Mohammad Al Gergawi, and Emirati politician. Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi serving as Vice Chairman of the organization, is an Emirati female politician. Omar Sultan Alolama, the Managing Director, is also an Emirati. The headquarters are in Dubai, where Islam is the dominant religion.

Over 150 countries participate in the WGS, and there are over 4,000 attendees. Is this where the one world religion will also stem from? The latest report is that the WGS is poised to scale newer heights of excellence and inclusivity. Time will tell what that exactly means as they aim to shape a better future for humanity.


In September 2022, the World Government Summit and World Health Organization collaborated in Geneva, as a result of the global COVID pandemic. “We are one humanity, and no one is safe until all are safe.” WHO has 194 member states out of 195 countries worldwide. America says they join WHO as an accord, not a treaty. That way, it does not require government approval.

WHO’s aim is to be transparent, have data management, stockpile health supplies, and ensure all nations have a skilled health workforce. They coordinate the development tools for that purpose, as well as technology, communications and transport.

They say the world is in desperate need of national unity and global solidarity. WHO is committed to working with all countries to create a healthier, safer, and fairer world, which is “What our children and grandchildren deserve”.

America is among the nations who have totally ceded to WHO, their sovereignty concerning the nation’s health needs. Many countries have also willingly yielded their sovereignty concerning climate change.

Global Finance

Finance is closely related to economics. Digital currency is not new, as it was formed initially by the Bank of Finland in 1993. In 2020, the first Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, was launched in the Bahamas. Other nations have followed suit, from the USA to China and Australia.

Alongside that, there is the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, ECCB. It launched its historic DXCDCaribe pilot in March 2019. The D stands for digital and XCD is the international code for the EC dollar.

Physical money has been long part of human history. However, CBDCs are the digital form of a government-issued currency that isn’t pegged to a physical commodity. Physical banks are becoming rarer with lesser staff as the digital world reigns supreme, with the currency no longer based on a gold reserve.

Antichrist Pathways

With the pathways already in place, the ‘opera’ is set to start. The Father instructs the Son to go and collect His bride. The church refers to this as the rapture, or what is known as the secret catching away.

Imagine waking up one morning to find millions and millions of people across the globe have suddenly and silently disappeared. What kind of mayhem will result?

Into this mayhem will come one who claims to have all the answers. I feel sure UFOs will figure large in that particular equation.

What happens to the bank accounts and possessions, such as homes etc., and debts, of those who have disappeared? What about the positions they held in the workforce and the community? Is it any wonder that bedlam will erupt? Think of the effect of some of the massive weather events we have experienced and multiply that by a billion times over.

What power will be accredited to the person who has the answers? The pathway is already formed. A Global Government with a global currency would not be a luxury but a necessity. There will be a need for global resources to be quickly harnessed, as they are in any emergency.

Other Plans

If you need more proof that the pathway is already in existence, take a look at Israel.

In the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem, there is the Hurva Synagogue Square. In its centre there is a two-metre-high, golden, seven-stick Menora, or candlestick, well protected behind glass. It is a replica of the Menora that was used in both the first and second Temple. The amazing thing is that such a holy piece of furniture, that was only ever viewed by the priests, is now in full public view.

Many other items are also being produced, for use in the Temple, according to the requirements given to Moses. Israel is fully confident the Third Temple is a reality, and is making a public declaration to the world. Israel’s aim is to bring back the past for the future of the Israeli people.

Permission to Build the Temple

For the Antichrist to fulfil prophecy, he sits himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God, 2 Thessalonians 2:4. It will be a temple he gives the Jews permission to build.

It seems impossible that the Palestinians will yield the Temple Mount for the Jews to build their temple on it. What could persuade them to cede the holy site? If you look at an aerial shot of the Dome of the Rock, there is ample room alongside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, for the Third Temple to be built. That is a partnership that stuns the mind. Today Jews are jailed if they dare to pray on the Mount. Or will the Al-Aqsa Mosque be bombed out of existence?

Israel and a Treaty

The Iranian Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi, abides in exile in the United States. Recently he had talks with Israeli officials about forming a treaty between Israel and Iran. It is expected for this to be in operation within a year, despite the current Iranian regime.  

Israel has opened an embassy in Turkmenistan, on Iran’s border, much to the consternation of the Iranians. Now Israel is at war, so such a treaty is far from the agenda.

Prophecy Fulfilment

Prophecies are being fulfilled on an almost daily basis. Christians need to be still and wait patiently. The Great I Am is in control. As written in the original manuscripts, ‘When these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near’ Luke 21:28.

The fulness of this statement will come when Christ returns to set up His millennial reign of peace, on earth, from the New Jerusalem. That is when Israel will finally take her appointed place as head of all nations. The place where God put His name.

Post Note to World Government Summit

I had to laugh when I typed in ‘Is there an Antichrist Roadway in Existence’. The heading-checker came up with only a count of 41 out of 100. When I typed in ‘How Important is the World Government Summit’ it came up with a count of 93/100. I have never before managed to get my headings to any higher than an average count of 60. The robots that check out Internet posts will have a field day. The World Government Summit is a major player in our world.

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