You Need to Know You are Not Alone5 min read

Horses of Fire

You Need to Know You are Not Alone5 min read

You are not alone as you walk through this world of turmoil and testing. This was the message Elisha gave his servant when the situation seemed utterly hopeless. When God is on your side none can stand against you, Romans 8:31.

Marauding Syrians

The king of Israel escaped twice from the Syrian raiders, thanks to warnings from the prophet Elisha. The prophet did not support the corrupt monarch’s court, for the king would not heed Elisha’s warning about his sinful way of life. The prophet spoke against the growing trend of idol worship and Baalism. However, Elisha feared it would be worse for Israel if they were subjugated by the Syrians.

The Syrian king thought there was a spy in his camp, by the way the king of Israel kept evading him. He was told there was no spy, only the prophet Elisha who ‘understood the very words the king spoke in his bedchamber’, 2 Kings 6:11. The king commanded his army to surround the place where Elisha was.

Eyes Opened – You are Not Alone

Elisha was at Dothan, place of the two wells. This was the same place where Joseph’s brothers plotted and sold Joseph into slavery, Genesis 30:17. Years later, Joseph would tell his brothers, “You plotted evil against me, but God turned it to good”, Genesis 50:20.

The servant rose early in the morning and discovered the place was completely surrounded by horses and chariots. This was the most feared weapon of the Syrian army. There was no way of escape – just Elisha and himself facing the might of Syria. The servant’s heart quailed at the sight, as fear paralysed him. There is no doubt the King of Syria intended to have Elisha murdered.

Words of Encouragement

Elisha encouraged the servant, then prayed that the servant’s eyes would be opened, 2 Kings 6:11. The servant was astonished to discover they were not alone. The mountains were full of horses and chariots of fire, the symbol of God’s awesome presence.

More were those who were for them than those who were against them. ‘Not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord,’ the prophet Zechariah wrote, Zechariah 4:6.

Elisha was not praying for their situation to be changed, just that the servant would realize there was no need to fear, for God was with them.

Eyes Closed

Elisha did not ask God to use the fiery horses and chariots against the enemy, instead he prayed that the eyes of the soldiers would be blinded. The ever-confident Elisha told the army they were in the wrong place, and he would take them to the man they sought, if they would follow him. After all, Samaria was Elisha’s home base.

The army had no idea who they were talking with and probably didn’t care, as total confusion and terror ruled the day. One minute they were bold, conquering, fearless soldiers, on powerful horses and chariots. The next minute they were stumbling around like demented chooks with their heads cut off, unable to see anything clearly.

It is a miracle that Elisha got the army to follow him but follow him they did. What an outstanding sight that would have been. This scraggy little prophet leading the stumbling Syrian army 12-miles to Samaria. What a great witness to the young prophets who were students in Elisha’s growing and successful school of theology.

Enemy Camp

Perhaps Elisha rode in one of the chariots as the horses obediently followed, or were ushered along by angels. Who knows what the horses could see.

When Elisha prayed for the blindness to be lifted, the Syrian army found themselves in the heart of enemy territory. An even greater terror than blindness would have filled their hearts, as the captors became the captives.

What Satan had devised to be evil against Elisha was turned completely around, with the enemy now in Israeli hands. Satan’s plans are always brought to nought, as was seen at Calvary. Satan and his hordes rejoiced to see God’s Messiah hanging on a cruel wooden cross, but their victory was short lived.

Jesus triumphantly declared ‘It is finished,’ John 29:30. He paid the price for man’s redemption. Whosoever will can choose to enter the kingdom of God, for man has been given the gift of free will. What Satan planned for evil, God, the great I Am, turned to good that reaches into eternity.

Show No Mercy

The Israeli king wanted to kill the enemy that had harassed them so many times. Instead, the prophet told him to prepare a feast for the enemy. ‘Feed them and let them drink, then send them back to their master,’ 2 Samuel 6:22. That way the mighty Syrian king would have to recognize the immense power of God Almighty. So, the plundering bands of Syria came no more into the land of Israel for some time.

Elisha displayed a much greater power, through showing the sweet aroma of mercy, 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. It is all too easy to repay harshness with harshness, yet Jesus taught us a different way, Luke 6:28. It is called taking the higher road.

You Are Not Alone

You need to know that you are not alone. Satan cannot operate without the approval and sanction of God, Job 1:12. Trials and testing only make us stronger, when we fully trust in God. Satan, the great counterfeiter, can only plot and scheme, but God has an eternal plan. We need to have faith in God’s divine presence, sovereign, all-wise plan and His omnipotent provision.

You don’t have to have visions of angels or see horses and chariots of fire. God assures those who accept Christ as their Saviour, that He never leaves nor forsakes us, Hebrews 13:5. You are not alone. His grace and mercy are your constant companions.

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