What is the Greatest Fundamental Fact6 min read

Greatest Fact

What is the Greatest Fundamental Fact6 min read

The greatest fundamental fact is that God cannot and does not evolve. He is not only the same yesterday and today, but forever, Hebrews 13:8, He is the same from eternity to eternity, Malachi 3:6. He is self-sufficient, self-existent, eternal, omnipresent and totally unchangeable.

God is Eternally Now

Terms that apply to humans, who live in the flow of time, do and cannot apply to God. Words such as past or future, lost and found, easy or difficult, yesterday or tomorrow, near and far. The list is endless. The truth is that the mortal, created being is far removed from the immortal, uncreated God.

God lives in the ‘now’, which includes our past and all our tomorrows. When Jesus, the Son, went to Calvary, God had already been there, just as God has lived all our tomorrows. Humanly this is impossible for us to get our mind around. It is vital we do not limit Almighty God by our human way of thinking.

The Trinity

When we discuss the Godhead of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, all three are totally God and totally One. Whatever is said of One fully applies to the other two. This is a mind-bending concept for the mortal mind and a field day for the sceptics who can’t see beyond their own nose. There is very little about God that the human mind can comprehend, for He is far above and beyond the created. His ways are past finding out, Romans 11:13.

Calvary was not Plan B when Adam sinned, for Jesus is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, Revelation 13:8. The Holy Spirit did not come on Pentecost as Plan C, Acts 2. God had a plan from eternity, a plan that is nearing some of its fulfilment with the end of this age.

Greatest Fundamental Fact

The fact that God did not and cannot evolve is another of those mind-blowing facts. He never was, or will be, but is eternally changeless. He cannot go beyond Himself, which is why His name is I Am that I Am, Exodus 3:14.

God created the universe, which was in His heart. He surrounds the universe, fills the universe and empowers the universe. Space is utter chaos, but it is a controlled chaos, for God is not far away, but ever present. By His power the stars remain in the heavens and He calls them by name, Isaiah 4:26.  The ocean does not break its bounds, Proverbs 8:29, and the law of nature exists. All of creation evolves, but the Creator cannot, for He Is.

Flow of Time

Humans live in the flow of time. We are controlled by time that can be wasted, misused, well-spent, enjoyed, feared, lost and even found. We can change how we use time, but the great marker of time, the sun, will rise and set as scheduled by God. Things begin and end at His say so, for time is a tool in the hands of God, Psalm 31:15.

We live in time, but spiritually we reach into eternity. Paul wrote of those who accept the way of God’s salvation, John 3:16. ‘God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.’ Ephesians 2:6. Our lives are hidden with Christ in God, Colossians 3:3. We are part of the unchanging, unchangeable God, and created to worship Him.

God Is

God Is and gives power which cannot be depleted. We expend energy and get tired. When God delegates power or uses His Power it is not changed in any way. He is a ‘battery’ that never runs down.

All power returns to God who gave it, Romans 11:36. The Father gave the Son authority, but that authority will one day be returned to the Father, 1 Corinthians 15:24. Just as the spirit returns to God who gave it, Ecclesiastes 12:7.

God loves but His love is never diminished. He always remains perfect. When He speaks His word is eternal. His word cannot return to Him empty but will accomplish that which He desires. It will succeed in the matter for which He sent it, Isaiah 45:11. His Word is as unchangeable as God Himself.

Humans Evolve

Humans evolve and we see change and decay in everything around us. We are conceived and spend nine months growing in the womb. After birth we have a long growing period of learning how to live in this world. Somewhere along the way we reach our maximum, but then it is the road of deterioration and eventually death. Our road of evolution and change is fraught with unseen hazards and dangers. We are tested again and again, for untried faith has little value.

If we choose to be Born Again, John 3:7, the same rules apply spiritually as in the natural. We can remain as spiritual babes or take the time and effort to mature. The choice is always ours. We cannot remain static, for we are always coming from something and going to something. Whereas, God Is.

God Reveals

While God lives eternally in the now He has revealed the end from the beginning, Isaiah 48:10. He knew us before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. He knows what we will do with our life and how we will be at the end of it. Nothing takes God by surprise, that is why the Apostle could write about predestination, Romans 8:29,30.

Predestination is not that we don’t have a free will, but that God knows the end from the beginning. The exciting thing is ‘For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known, 1Corinthians 13:12.

You hear people say they are going to ask so-and-so this-and-that when they get to heaven. There will be no need, for you will know. We will be in a place where all is ‘Now’, in the presence of the unchanging, unchangeable God.

Final Word on the Greatest Fundamental Fact

God loves everybody no matter who or what they are, Romans 11:32. Jesus bridged the uncrossable gap between the Creator and the fallen created. Those who accept what Jesus achieved at Calvary, John 3:16., are deeply loved and cherished. For all eternity they will declare the greatest fundamental fact. That is the unchangeableness of God, as they themselves will then be unchangeable.

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