What is Ultimate Power5 min read

Ultimate Power

What is Ultimate Power5 min read

Ultimate power is the ability to control and influence all aspects of an environment or situation. It is the highest level of authority, control or influence. Politically, physically, or technologically humans abuse this power in an attempt to shape events. However, God alone is Ultimate Power.

Ultimate Power

The first act of God in creation was to create light, Genesis 1:3. It was the physical manifestation of the power of the Almighty God. The one who created the universe that He inhabits, upholds and sustains, Colossians 1:17, Hebrews 1:3.

Scientists now agree that light existed before the stars. Amazingly, they are finally catching up with what Christians have always known, if they take time to consider the Scriptures.

Power of Opposites

God then divided the light into day and night, opposites of each other. This existence of opposites provides us with a framework for being able to comprehend and differentiate all aspects of life. It is only through opposites that we can begin to comprehend what God is. Just one example: God is not unholy, therefore He is holy.

Imagine yourself in a totally dark room. Everything is there, but you can’t comprehend any of it. Just so, the existence of light reveals the might of God’s ultimate power.

The universe, which lies in the very heart of God, exists and runs according to His power. The Great I Am that I Am, Genesis 3:14, is the one who holds the oceans in their place, Job 38:11 and is behind the laws of nature. Space is utterly chaotic, yet it is God’s chaos.

Ultimate Being

There is only one infinite Being with ultimate and absolute power and that is God. His power is unlimited and never ending, Romans 1:20. Imagine hundreds of thousands of atomic bombs going off simultaneously. That wouldn’t even be the blink of an eye of God’s ultimate power. He is holy, He is just, He is merciful, He is ultimate power.

If you could take the ever-expanding universe and wrap it into a nice, neat bundle, you still wouldn’t have any comprehension of Ultimate Power. This is all wrapped up in the tiny word, omnipotent. The word rolls so easily off the tongue but is far above and beyond human comprehension.

Source of all Power

There isn’t any power anywhere that God is not the source. A.W. Tozer wrote, “The source of anything has to be greater than what flows out of it”. The start of a river might appear as a tiny spring, yet there is a hidden source to that spring.

We only see the tiniest edge of God’s power, whether it be in a star-studded sky, an aurora, an earthquake, or simply the changing seasons. The source of all that power remains forever hidden, as God’s power is greater than all that is seen.

Everything comes out from God and returns to God again. There is no end to God’s power. His mercies and love are new every morning, Lamentations 3:22,23.

God Never Relinquishes His Power

When we do anything we expend energy, and in that doing we become tired. God gives power, yet His power is never diminished. God created in Genesis 1 and then rested. This rest was not from tiredness, but rather a ceasing of an action.

God gave power to the Son, yet God retained all His power. He delegates power to humanity, but never depletes any of His power, for God cannot give anything of Himself away. If He were less powerful than He was before He gave out power, He would be less than perfect and that is not possible. God is energy and the Ultimate Power.

Oh, how small humanity has made their God. There are some mighty shocks awaiting those who enter heaven. Those who deign to have visions of heaven are so far off the mark it is almost humorous. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then will know fully just as I have been fully known, 1Corithianins 13:12.

Intimate Relationship With Ultimate Power

The Almighty God of ultimate power and wisdom desires an intimate relationship with the created. So much so, that He sent His Son to provide the Way for us to have that relationship.

How can we ignore so great a gift of salvation, Hebrews 2:3? The sad thing is that people not only underestimate God, they try to ignore Him, or pretend He doesn’t exist. They refuse to live outside this world, on a higher plane. Yet, they will one day have to face the Great I Am that I Am. So great is the power of God, the Antichrist will be slain with just the breath of the Son, when He returns to set up His millennial kingdom.

When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour we are hidden in Christ in God, Colossians 3:3. We partake of that Ultimate Power. It is up to each one of us to individually develop an intimate relationship with the One who is Ultimate Power.

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