The Hidden Code of Biblical Numerology4 min read

Biblical Numerology

The Hidden Code of Biblical Numerology4 min read

The hidden code of biblical numerology proves that the bible is not some accidental document written over several centuries by a bunch of unrelated authors.

Every letter, both in the Hebrew and the Greek alphabet is assigned a number. Using the numeric code the following list is gleaned from observing where these numbers are used biblically. Here is a graph of just some biblical numbers. Have fun checking them out and you will prove that God knows the end from before the beginning, Isaiah 46:10.

1Unity, primary, origin, God I Am, It is2Difference, witness, division, separation, incarnation
3Divine Perfection, complete, entire, Godhead, Perfect Witness3 1/2Half of 7, ministry, judgement, Jesus ministry, end times
4Material completeness, of the world, division, creation5Grace, spiritual life, blood, atonement, Calvary – blood flowed from head, back, hands, feet, side (5)
6Of man, satanic man, fallen. Satan 6667Spiritual perfection, blessing, rest, end time, completion of God’s eternal plan, total, divine rest, 777 the most powerful number
8New beginning, super abundance, resurrection, 888 Jesus Christ9Finality, judgement, Divine Glory, completeness, divine power, spiritual gifts fruit, beatitudes
10Law, trial and testing, government, Ordinal Perfection, death to physical man, ceremonial, the Law11Revelation, instruction, disorder, disorganization, incomplete
12Governmental perfection, eternal, completeness, New Jerusalem, Bride of Christ13Rebellion, apostasy, corruption, sin, Satan, Christ revealed, 13 Pillars in Moses Tabernacle, The Way, Fellowship – last Supper
14Day of Passover, double measure of spiritual perfection, covering15Acts wrought by Divine grace
16Spiritual growth17Perfection of Spiritual Order, safety and security, salvation, election Law + grace + witness= 10 commandments+5+2=17
18Spiritual awakening, double new beginning19Divine order connected with judgement
20Expectancy21Divine Completion as regards perfection, 777 greatest number
22Without order, disorganization, disintegration, Sacrifice (Solomon’s temple, 22,000 oxen sacrificed)23Order, completeness
24Heavenly government and worship, priestly number, 12+1228Jesus 14+14, Lamb of God
29Expectation and judgment30Maturity for ministry
31Deity37Living Word of God
39Total sin, 3×1340Probation, trial, chastisement, separation, preparation and cleansing, 5×8 action of grace leading to revival and renewal, the number of Judah, Jewish generation
42Judgement and punishment, connected with the Antichrist48Refuge 12×4, God has established His rule
50Full liberty, Pentecost, Jubilee, Freedom51Divine revelation
60Dedication, Grace and government perfection 5×1265Apostasy 13×5, number of Ephraim
70Foundational number preparatory to increase, Perfect Spiritual Order carried out with all spiritual power and significance, Jerusalem, eldership100Total surrender
120End of all flesh, divinely appointed period of probation, God’s power and mercy, dedication and sacrifice (120,000 sheep Solomon’s temple)125Grace x Divine Perfection, 5x5x5
144Perfection in God’s redemptive plan, eternal divine order in fullness, absolute perfection, end time witness150Waters recede, Noah 30×5) new beginning for ministry,
153Revival, ingathering, obedience to the Lord, adding all the numbers up 1 to 17 = 153. 144+9 = 153 (12×12+9)200Expectancy tenfold 20×10, insufficiency of religion, earthly things versus heavenly worship, Divine timing
300Full measure of God, seeing through a mirror dimly360Jewish year, abundance 9×40
390Number of Israel, time from division of tribes to captivity400Divine Perfection 8×50, sojourning of Abraham’s seed Isaac to Exodus, Silence 10×40, death to the flesh
430Call of Abraham to Exodus, Sojourning of Abraham, promise to law444Damascus, (Damascus will be totally destroyed Isaiah 17:1) World number
490The product of Spiritual Perfection 70×7, ultra forgiveness, complete, perfect, finished work of Calvary600Age of Noah when the flood came, realignment
666Antichrist, perfection of money power, satanic control, false worship888Jesus, total victory, Lord’s Day
969Methuselah, God’s eternal mercy and love (flood would not come until he died)999Sodom and Gomorrah, God’s judgement, God will not be mocked
126030×42 Connected with the Antichrist, 21×60 Divine completion1500End of an era – beginning of another
2000Church age70007×100 spiritual perfection x total surrender

Again and again you can twist the numbers anyway you want, yet it will always work out. However, there are two sides to ‘the coin’. A positive and a negative e.g. holiness versus unholiness. Everything is interconnected, like the stars in the heavens, and how God Almighty created a very unique you for a very special purpose.

Satan is the great counterfeiter and loves making Godly numbers ungodly. Of course he took heavenly numerology, which is God centred, and made it egocentric – man centred which is the true basis of all religions.

Footnote: note how many times a key verse in the bible has a numeric chapter/verse number e.g. John 3:15, considering chapter and verse were a later addition.  

Warning: When you begin delving into biblical numerology it is very easy to get lost in the book of Leviticus.

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