Was Eve Blameless Or Accountable7 min read

Was Eve Blameless Or Accountable7 min read

Is Eve blameless or accountable? She has long been widely condemned without the privilege of a fair trial.

The Bible only mentions Eve four times, yet she stands larger than life. Her place is unique as the ‘mother of all living’. Her voice encourages all women, for Eve’s story holds a hidden treasure.

Adam’s Helpmeet

In particular, males blame Eve for the world’s chaotic state. Is Eve blameless or is she accountable?

Eve lived in a perfect environment. She was created from Adam’s rib as his ‘helpmeet’. She was not his servant, underling, or subordinate. Eve solved Adam’s problem of loneliness. Adam didn’t have anyone to share his life with.

Was Eve Blameless Or Accountable?

Was Eve blameless or accountable for what happened? She didn’t even exist when God commanded Adam not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good or Evil.

When Eve spoke to the Serpent, she both added and subtracted from God’s command to Adam. This may have been a case of ‘Chinese Whispers’. Eve only had second-hand knowledge of what God said. What Adam actually told Eve is unclear.

Name Change

Eve, the first bride, was called Woman, meaning ‘of man’. That identified her as being in a personal relationship with Adam. Only. after they stopped listening to the voice of their conscience and disobeyed God’s command, did Eve become ‘mother of all living’.

Adam was Eve’s Lord and patriarchal head. He had the authority to stop her. Adam could also have intervened when Eve was talking to the Serpent. He could have warned her not to listen to the Serpent. He could have stopped Eve from wandering into the area of the two forbidden trees. So, is Eve blameless or accountable?

Objection To The Blameless Or Accountable

Eve offered Adam the forbidden fruit. He could have objected and refused to eat it. God made one woman. He could easily replace Eve.

Did this perfectly gorgeous woman have Adam twisted around her little finger? Was he so enamoured with her he couldn’t let her go?

Eve was a perfect woman in a perfect environment. Ever since, women have attempted to create the illusion of being perfect. This has developed a $532 billion beauty industry. Women are the sole goal and purpose of that industry. Why is it that the biggest beauty companies are mostly run by men?

Real Perpetrator

Satan, in the serpent’s form, was the real perpetrator. His goal is always to discredit God. Satan excels in providing misinformation. He knowingly and deliberately compromises God’s Word. His key weapon/method is deception.

Satan is the original rebel, from before time began. He is the original egocentric being with ambitions far beyond his capabilities.

Satan asked Eve a misleading question. He inferred God was a liar who jealously guards His position. If Eve listened to Satan, she would become as a god. She would self-determine right from wrong.

Through misinformation and trickery, Eve was attacked physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus underwent the same trials in the wilderness.

The one thing all humanity has in common is the insidious power of temptation and the lure of egocentricity. Jesus foiled Satan’s attack by using the Word of God.


When Eve led the rebellion, Adam was at her side. Adam could have insisted they remain true to the Word of God.

Eve was seduced into believing a lie. Adam disobeyed God with understanding. Eve failed with her head, while Adam failed with his heart. Adam blamed Eve and accused God for his downfall. He refused to take responsibility for his own disobedience.

Is Eve blameless or accountable? The Apostol Paul laid the blame squarely at the feet of Adam, “For through one-man death entered the entire human race”.

Scarlet Thread

A Scarlet Thread runs from Genesis to the book of Revelation. The Garden of Eden was the starting point. Adam and Eve realized they were naked. They attempted to cover their shame with leaves. The cold winds of sin blew through the perfect Garden of Eden. God provided a covering for the two sinners through the innocent blood of a slain animal.

It was the first time blood flowed into the earth. Many hundreds of litres of blood have soaked the ground since then.

It was the first time blood flowed into the earth. Many hundreds of litres of blood have soaked the ground since then. The sinless blood of Christ flowed at Calvary for the salvation of humanity. Much more blood is yet to be shed.

The Scarlet Thread continues all the way through to the book of Revelation. It ends with the Lamb slain, before the foundation of the world. The circle is complete.

Punishment For The Blameless Or Accountable

Adam and Eve both bore the punishment, whether they were blameless or accountable. Death entered the human race.

The forbidden Garden of Eden probably remained until the flood of Noah. Did they return and weep as they looked at the Garden? An unspoken memorial to what they had lost.

God barred their way to the Tree of Life by placing a flaming angel at the entrance to the Garden to Eden. God would have eternally condemned humanity if they had eaten of the fruit of that tree.


God is omniscient, knowing the end from the beginning. He knew what Adam and Eve were going to do before He created the world.

Would you create something that was flawed? Our mortal mind says throw it out and start again. Better still, don’t even begin. It is difficult for the mortal mind to comprehend the immortal.

God places great value on the redeemed. He paid the ultimate sacrifice, when His Son died at the hands of the created.

Longevity For The Blameless Or Accountable

Adam lived 930 years after disobeying God’s commands. How many memories would be accumulated in a thousand years?

Did the new generations of males denigrate Eve? Did Adam take the blame squarely on his own shoulders? Or did Adam and Eve come a place where they shared the blame for what happened? Eve is not blamed or accountable on her own.

Hidden Treasure

However, Eve has a hidden treasure. God gave Eve the first Messianic prophecy, not Adam. Woman took a unique place in history. Her seed would crush Satan’s head. There would be redemption for mankind. Death would be no more.

The fulfilment of the prophecy to Eve altered humanity’s destiny for all eternity. The weapon that would destroy Satan would be God/Man, Jesus’ death and resurrection. Satan’s eternal fate sealed.

Satan’s Focus On The Blameless Or Accountable

Is Eve blameless or accountable? Culture and society have impinged the intelligence, judgement and wisdom of women. Patriarchal society has ever condemned women. Satan fears the seed of the woman.

Eve holds a special place. She is the first bride. Another theme that stretches throughout the entire biblical library. It started with Eve and ends in Revelation with the Bride of Christ, calling the believers to “Come”.

Timeless Zone

God dwells in a timeless zone, where past, present and future are now. Mortals live in a time zone. It’s the ultimate parallel universe. Satan was defeated at the Cross of Calvary 2000 years ago. He runs around like a roaring lion with his teeth pulled out, but his end is inevitable.

Many condemn Eve without a trial. Jael is another woman, also condemned without trial.

Eve’s Unique Voice

Eve’s voice is powerful and unique. Women are not just vessels to provide male heirs. A woman is not a convenient way of putting the blame on someone else.

Women influence every person they come in contact with, consciously or unconsciously. Their voice is powerful and the glue that holds society together.

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