A Bride’s Unique Voice4 min read

A Bride’s Unique Voice4 min read

A bride’s unique voice is her wedding, her special day. She is the centre of attention, loved, admired, and respected. Her voice says, “I have agreed to stand in a unique place with this man”. Across the ages, we hear the bride’s unique voice.

First Bride

Eve was first given the name Woman, meaning part of man. Woman was the first bride, with a bride’s unique voice. She was created from Adam’s rib, while Adam was created from the earth. It was a special companionship, and she had a unique place at his side. She was Adam’s ‘helpmeet’.

Throughout the Bible, there is a bride theme. The book of Revelation reveals the last bride, the Bride of Christ. She issues an invitation, “Come”.

There are many brides in between. From the romantic tale of Rebekah and Isaac to Boaz redeeming Ruth.

The Name Woman

Woman became known as Eve after she joined Adam in disobeying God. Eve means ‘mother of all living.’ The changed name denoted a positional shift in the relationship with God. The relationship between Adam and Eve also changed.

God’s witness on earth will always be Israel, but the Bride of Christ will hold a unique position. Christ paid the price for her redemption, and He claims her as His own. The bride’s unique voice will last for eternity, a reflection of the original relationship between Adam and Eve.

Multi Billion Dollar Industry

Weddings are a 300 billion dollar industry. Many unique traditions and customs surround a wedding, echoing a bride’s unique voice.

Little girls dream of their day in the spotlight. They see a gleaming white wedding dress and a handsome guy at their side. Pity such a myth often ends tragically, or never happens at all.

Bridal Attire

A bride’s unique voice is reflected in her special attire, which sets her apart from everyone else. It was Queen Victoria who first introduced the tradition of the white wedding dress.

The bridegroom customarily provided the bride’s special clothing. In the Bible, the Bridegroom provides a pure white robe of righteousness for His Bride.

In modern society, the bride’s gown is still a major feature. Tennis star, Serena Williams, paid $4,943,000 for her wedding dress. Kate Middleton paid just under $500,000 for her gown. There is a wedding dress that has 150 carats of diamonds, with a price tag of $12 million. To date, there have been no buyers.

The Bridal Veil

The bride was hidden behind a veil. The family didn’t want the groom to see her before the ceremony. They didn’t want him changing his mind if he didn’t like her looks. Marriage was only a business arrangement.

King David ignored Mosaic law and had eight wives. His son, Solomon, went a lot further in ignoring the law that said not to collect horses, gold, or women. Marriage for David and Solomon was an alliance between nations, cemented by the birth of children. This ensured the neighbours remained friendly. Though Solomon had 300 brides, plus 700 concubines. And they say he was the wisest man?

Multiple wives did nothing for family harmony. Several brides living together with their children is a recipe for disaster.

Honeymoon Custom

The honeymoon played an important role as Norse brides were snatched from their family. The bridal couple went into hiding immediately after the ceremony. They remained secreted away until either the family gave up searching for the bride, or she became pregnant.

A family member would take the couple a cup of honey-wine each day for 30 days. That was one moon cycle. It was hoped the wine would increase the likelihood of conception.


It takes two to make a wedding. It’s a contract and the beginning of a partnership between the bride and the groom. Perhaps there should be marriage training classes before marriage. This would be preferable to counselling, once a marriage is in trouble.

A marriage should provide fulfilment, companionship, financial partnership and intellectual stimulation. It should include emotional support, spiritual inspiration, and passion. Marriage should be a secure environment for raising children.

It’s a tall order for any relationship. One that falls far short of aspirations. Today, the vast majority of children are reared by a single parent.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had a partnership that lasted 73 years. An amazing anomaly in today’s world.

Bride Price

It is the custom to pay a bride price in many cultures. This creates social and psychological implications. Obligation and ownership come into play, often to the detriment of the female.

There are arguments for and against arranged marriages. In 2021, one in five girls were child-brides, in arranged marriages.

A Bride’s Unique Voice

A bride’s voice is unique to her special day. The true value of a woman lies in her knowing that her voice is unique, and she holds a special place in society. Most women go unnamed and unsung, hidden in obscurity. Yet, women are the glue that binds society together.

In many nations, women are severely subjugated, as they were 100 years ago. Heedless of her circumstances, a woman has a unique voice in her heart. She should never give up, no matter what laws, customs, or society say.

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