What Happens When Inspiration is Perverted?6 min read


What Happens When Inspiration is Perverted?6 min read

by Lee Bacon

Inspiration is perverted when God releases a new inspiration into the earth and His people ignore it. The enemy picks it up and twists the truth that has been released. What was released to bless, becomes perverted before its power can be realised for good. The enemy then scares God’s people from looking at it by accusation of the perversion.

Be Inventive

God released inspiration through some educators quite a few years ago, but this inspiration was perverted. Educators know that most of a lecture is lost within 10 minutes of leaving the lecture hall. Interaction is necessary, instead of training people to be only spectators.

The teacher always learns more than the student, so a big change was to stop “lecture style” delivery of information. There needed to be testing for knowledge to be retained. The focus was to start the change to competency-based learning. Which is for everyone no matter what their ability and talents are.

Instead of the onus being on the teacher to just lecture, the focus became the responsibility of the student to learn and become equipped with skills needed for survival in today’s world.

Don’t Stay with the Old

The churches kept using the old system with a bit of abuse thrown into the lectures. They were training the people to be spectators without doing anything else. Good seed fell to the ground only to be lost, Matthew 13ff. The devil not only picked up new inspiration but perverted it for his own use.

God spoke to me about designing competency-based courses for our Bible College. I loved how some got on board like Wendy Stenberg-Tendys, who instead of lecturing about Moses Tabernacle, created the tabernacling experience for students. They began to see Jesus in their experience. Finding how each part of the Tabernacle led them to a deeper relationship with Him.

Linda Clark designed discussion round tables, each with a different topic for Sunday evenings, where every person participated. The churches as usual resisted the Holy Spirit, preferring the one man show to continue.

World Used God’s Inspiration

The inspiration was released into the atmosphere outside of the church community. We started to see teams delivering news and interview-style shows. Group discussions on TV instead of one person sitting alone in front of the camera.

As I watched this take place, I couldn’t understand why those who said they were equippers in the church couldn’t see what was going on.

The enemy easily took this over as he usually does, using Godly principles, as he can’t create anything. The initial inspiration was to bless and equip God’s people. Now it has developed to be used for propaganda purposes. We need to take it back.

Warnings Unheeded

Winkie Pratney tried to point out the caring for the planet years ago. The Church, for the large part, ignored him, so now we are all paying for it. The enemy has twisted what should have blessed God’s people.

The restoration process has become a tool to enslave the blessing and help impoverishment and enslavement through the climate change agenda.

Time to Wake Up

It’s time to do some rechecking and adapting as our time is short for we are as it was in the Days of Noah. If you are an Evangelist, you are not called to be the star of some show in church, or even lecture about soul winning. You are called to get in the trenches with the average believers and impart to them your anointing, and win souls together. Equip them in apprenticeship style, just as Paul did with those close to him.

If you are a Fivefold Pastor you are not called to kill yourself trying to visit every person in the congregation, or lecture about it. You are called to show them how to pastor each other and inspire them to soul winning.

Impart What you Have

Feed My sheep is in line with ‘Get them to deliver what is in them, of Me, with Koinonia, sharing, communication’.

Jesus said to His disciples ‘I have meat you know not of’ John 4:32. The meat of the word is having the opportunity to deliver that which you carry of the Holy Spirit, and share it with others. They should receive and respond in the Holy Ghost. It is not hearing the hundredth sermon while looking at the back of a thousand heads of other spectators.

Instruction so Inspiration is not Perverted

If you are called to be a teacher, you are called to equip the people in how to rightly research the written word of God. Help them understand it by the teaching of Holy Spirit and how to apply it to their lives. Give them research projects from what is brought to the table via the Koinonia, not just giving answers in lectures. They will remember what they research themselves.

If you are called to be a five-fold Prophet in the New Covenant, a huge part of your call is to raise up the Prophetic among the people. Help them discern by the character of Holy Spirit. Bring freedom so all can flow in words of knowledge, and move with Holy Spirit, out in the systems of the world, shining God’s light into the darkness.

Apostolic Calling

If you are called to the Apostolic you are first and foremost to seek the Father’s heart. If not, you are not called as an apostle. To know the Father’s heart is to have a deep and sincere relationship with the Father, through the Son.

You are called to see the bigger picture of how the body functions and lovingly move them to see each other as God sees them. Equip all to be connected to their head, Jesus Christ the source, and receive instructions from the mind of Christ, individually and severally. Be the foundational connectors and help all the different parts connect so they can be part of the maturing one man/bride. You cannot do this effectively by lectures only, you must get in the trenches and lead from within. Equipping equippers. If you keep one minister on track, you have ministered to all those he or she ministers to.

We live in a very darkened world. One of the biggest needs today is for the real Apostles to stand up and be counted, be listened to, and to parent those who are called. Not to make a ministry for themselves, but to raise up the people of God into the maturity of Christ, that is needed for true Kingdom advancement.

Conclusion of Inspiration is Perverted

Within every perversion there is the gold of truth from Creator God, that needs cleaning up and restoring to His original purpose. The enemy can’t create anything, only pervert, as was seen in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3. Our God is not only the Creator, He is the Restorer, 1 Peter 5:10.

At the end of it all, we need to spend ourselves for Him, that His body may grow to the fulness of the stature of Jesus Christ, Ephesians 4:13. We need to be ready for ‘new manna’ and use it before the enemy perverts it to worldly use. We need to know the seriousness when inspiration is perverted.

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