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You are successful even when you don’t feel you are. Success means different things to different people, but here is a small check list that proves you are a successful person.


You are successful when you don’t need motivational speeches to get up in the morning. A successful person sets clear goals and makes plans to achieve them.

Confidence and arrogance are two sides of the same coin, but they are poles apart and should not be confused. Successful people have the confidence to dream big and ‘give it a go’. Failure is but a steppingstone to success.

You are Successful through Kindness

Successful people have a high level of emotional intelligence and show kindness to themselves as well as to others. Loving yourself is not ego driven, but because of who you are on the inside. You are successful when you have empathy for others, and not just having respect for others but treating yourself with the same level of respect. Successful people build strong relationships, are not afraid to be generous and help others in need. They are good listeners and will ask for help when they need it.

We are created as social creatures and need each other. We all have limitations but that does not define who we are. All the greats of the world achieved by working from the shoulders of other successful people. Thomas Edison was not the only one working on the long-burning incandescent light bulb. He just got to the finish line first.

Take Ownership

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. You are successful when you are not afraid to take ownership of your mistakes, or failures. These things hurt, but the pain will pass.

Mistakes are not wasted when we gain something valuable from the experience, particularly when it reveals something about ourselves and we grow from the experience.

Strength in the Valleys and You are Successful

It is wonderful to experience the euphoria of reaching the mountain tops but a successful person knows that true growth is done in the valleys of life. However, the successful person does not get stuck in the valleys and knows they can’t live only on the mountain tops. The trail to the mountain top is littered with numerous bodies of those who didn’t adapt to a changing environment.

Life excels at throwing curved balls, but successful people not only survive the curved balls, but have the strength to encourage others through the pitfalls of life. An encouraging word said in season, an empathetic hug, a gentle pat on the back, goes a long way to healing the hurts this chaotic, ever-changing world inflicts.

You are Successful when you Search for Perspective

Bad things happen in life, and we all fall, or fail at some point or other. You are successful when you strive to put things back into perspective. It may be kind words from a strong, but compassionate friend, or refusing to feel sorry for yourself, but the successful person will not settle until they regain their perspective.

Whatever seems earth-shattering at the time, needs time to heal. The deeper the wound, the more time is required to regain equilibrium and allow the healing process to take place. Pain should not be ignored or pretend it didn’t happen.

One Step at a Time

It takes time to achieve clear goals, one small step at a time. The successful person has resilience and persistence and does not quit because a certain approach didn’t work. There are a lot of roads that lead to the mountain top and what suits one person does not suit another. You are a success when you have a failure, dust yourself off and try again with a different perspective, because you learned lessons on the journey.

You are a successful person when you display resilience and persistence. It’s about overcoming challenges, one step at a time and celebrating success, both yours and other people’s success.

The Journey not the Destination

As a successful person you know the true value is in the journey not the destination. Children demand, “Are we there yet?” A successful person relishes the journey, even when it is trial and error.

I was in a situation recently where all I wanted to do was shut the door of my home and let the world slip by without me. As perspective returned and I realized others were travelling to their own tune, I didn’t have to compete with them and their negative opinion of me. I needed time to regroup, then move on, learning valuable lessons from the criticism.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and they do not have to see things the way I do, but their opinion has no bearing on my reality. They don’t have to prove anything to me, or vice versa and what others think does not change who, or what I am.

You only worry about what other people think when you feel you have something to prove. As a successful person you remain true to yourself and your principles.

Accept what you Cannot Change

A cyclone heading your way is something you cannot change. A successful person sets about doing what can be done to mitigate the damage the storm can cause.

Standing around in denial, or self-pity are dead-end streets and a total waste of good energy. The successful person moves on and explores the options, changing what can be changed. Taking responsibility for changing the things you don’t like about your life is one of the biggest indicators of success. If there are toxic things in your life, do something about them.

Possessions are not Success

As a successful person you know that possessions have nothing to do with success. The fastest car, biggest house and most influential friends are not the standard for true success. It’s about who the real you is, not what you have, or even what you have achieved. When you love yourself, and feel confident in being you, that is real success.

Success comes from the inside, completely independent of circumstances. There are times when it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude, but the successful person never gives up by concentrating on the present and believing in tomorrow.

Never too old to Learn

Being a successful person you know that from the cradle to the grave, life is one huge classroom. Continuous learning and self-improvement are vital components of a successful person. You are never too old to learn, considering knowledge doubles every 12 hours. What you learnt yesterday is old news before you went to bed and the world changed while you slept.

You are successful when you invest time and effort in learning and growing, both personally and professionally, body, soul and spirit. There is a whole wide world out there and new horizons to explore, even if you are confined to your home. The world of computers is available to all and there is much to discover and new things to try. Never stop going forward and accept you are a successful person.

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