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  • Joni’s Beautiful Books Page

    Joni’s Beautiful Books Page

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Here on Joni’s Book Page are descriptions of novels by Joni Scott (Australia)so you can see what she writes about and whether you are interested in her novels. You can sample the writing style by reading some of Joni’s short stories in the post Time for a little story.

  • What inspiration lies behind a novel?

    What inspiration lies behind a novel?

    Reading Time: 6 minutes What inspires a writer? Where do they get their ideas from? To give you a little insight I include below an interview. This is one of a few interviews I have done with people. The very few people interested in me in the world!

  • Whispering through Time

    Whispering through Time

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Although I am a math and science teacher, I have had to write a few things in my time. So, I started to write about Winifred one rainy February afternoon in 2019. I only had a school exercise book with me, no computer, so it was a little arduous and scribbly at first. But I kept going for the week despite my husband’s lack of encouragement.

  • You Never Know What you can Do (until you try)

    You Never Know What you can Do (until you try)

    Reading Time: 4 minutes You never know what you can’t do until you try. I accidentally became an author because my sister went on a self-discovery tour via Ancestry.com. Life is indeed one big detour from where you thought you were going.


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