The Pain of Being a Mother

Weeping Mother

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The pain of being a mother is one of the unsung agonies of life. There is global shock and horror at the viewing of the videos of Tyre Nichols that led to his death.

There is a very brave mother out there, who is prepared to let her grief be seen globally, in an attempt to stop another incident like this happening again. Full kudos for such a brave woman, as those who have lost a child, or have kids in difficult circumstances, can empathize with her.

The Pain of Grieving Mothers

We have previously discussed giving grieving mother a voice after a school shooting. Now we have global shock and grief as the new video is viewed around the world. I would be so bold as to say that there is no grief like the grief of a grieving mother. Losing a partner is as if something has gone from beside you, but to lose a child is to have something ripped out of your very inner being.

The incident with Tyre Nichols is reminiscent of the KKC hanging black people back in the early 20th century, but this is black police officers beating a helpless black youth.

Courage and the Pain of Being a Mother

What we can take away from the horrendous video is that it was the victim who tried to calm the situation down. We should take our eyes off the offense and see the courage of Tyre and in retrospect his mother. She pleaded that any demonstration demanding change, needs to be peaceful. There is such pain in being a mother.

There is not only power and healing in corporate grief but also in corporate anger and shock. We may complain about the explosion of knowledge era we live in, but not so long ago, it used to be ten years before a fashion in America reached the ends of the earth, New Zealand. Now it is instant communication and everything we do can be shown across the globe in minutes. That is not even counting the power of social media.

Scorpion Team

The Scorpion Team of police officers, not just in the United States, was designed to go aggressively after crime. Gun shootings and violence has escalated, but society does not live in the ‘Wild West’, where every man did as he thought in his heart, though it is beginning to feel like that. How do we find the balance between trying to enforce the law and the horrific escalation of crime?

Were the eight police officers charged after they shot Jayland Walker 60 times, in July 2022? Is it the courage of Tyre’s mother that has made the difference this time? Why was the unjustified murder of George Floyd not enough to see serious change, even though the police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years in jail? Another mother knows endless heartache – Derek Chauvin’s mother. She said, “When you sentence my son, you will also be sentencing me.”

The Pain of Being a Mother

I have posted this short article to encourage women, who know the pain of being a mother. Women who need to continue to give of their best to their children, in a world that appears in total chaos. We all ache when our children hurt or go off the rails. We question, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ We need to realize that there are a thousand and one other influences on our children, in this era of Knowledge Explosion.

At the time of the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, President Joe Biden said it was a giant step forward. To what? Here we are once more at the exact same situation.

Kids we Hugged and Nurtured

Adults who are in difficulties today were once the kids we hugged and nurtured. Mothers will continue to grieve until we have adequate oversight and everyone is made accountable to the whole community. That seems like the impossible dream and not one that has been achieved since man first walked the earth.

We no longer need the genre of Alfred Hitchcock movies to scare us, we just need to watch global news. We can’t continue to be a voice for encouraging woman, without also speaking out for women who hurt. All our empathy and prayers go to the mother of Tyre Nichols and the mothers of the charged police officers and many other unknown mothers who have a deep abiding hurt over their children. There is intense pain in being a mother.

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