The Dark Side of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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The dark side of cosmetic surgery has permanently altered many people’s lives. The multibillion-dollar industry is an industry that is out of control. As women, we are not all perfect, but we can accept who and what we are, without the use of a surgeon’s knife.

Linda Evangelista Found the Dark Side of Cosmetic Surgery

Linda Evangelista, a Canadian fashion model, is classed as one of the accomplished and influential models of all time. In the 1990s, she was one of the top supermodels, featured on over 700 magazine covers. From being one of the most photographed people in the world, Linda disappeared into seclusion for five years until she was sick and tired of the shame, fighting the black dog of depression and hiding the pain.

At 56, Linda finally revealed the emotional and physical pain that dominated her life after undergoing ‘fat-freezing’ procedures. Linda was unable to work after undergoing seven sessions of CoolSculpting, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The areas she wanted shrunk hardened, grew and became numb. She had Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, (PAH). The freezing process had caused the affected fatty tissue to thicken and expand. This condition affects only one percent of patients.

Linda finally went public about her brutal disfigurement, hoping that by sharing her trauma it would provide comfort to others suffering from similar situation. Linda worked hard to regain her confidence and sense of self-worth. Because of her past high status the modelling world go behind her, and Linda has slowly returned to work. Others are not so fortunate.

Other Victims of the Dark Side of Cosmetic Surgery

A group of disfigured patients are calling for a royal commission into the lucrative cosmetic surgery industry. In many places the oversight is so slack that many are calling for the exposure of the failings in an industry that is out of control.

Many patients have joined class actions in Australian alone, where there are about 500,000 cosmetic procedures a year. That figure is only an estimate as there is no official data.

Cosmetic Cowboys and the Dark Side of Cosmetic Surgery

 It is reported that there are clinics that allow doctors with basic medical degrees to call themselves cosmetic surgeons. These doctors are described as doctors-cum-entrepreneur, or ‘cosmetic cowboys’. For them, the benefits far outweigh the risk, instead of putting the needs and long-term health of the patient first. They are a sad indictment to the dark side of cosmetic surgery.

The casualties from cosmetic surgery are caused by both big and small operators, who have exploited gaping holes in regulatory systems. This is not occurring just ‘abroad’, but in Western nations as well. One surgery was raided when a surgeon spoke out about cosmetic surgery abuses on the television programme, 60 Minutes, in Australia.

Lawyer Margaret Faux, says “It’s not a question of health regulators being asleep at the wheel, they’re nowhere near the car.” Putting the spotlight on the dark side of cosmetic surgery may bring about some changes.

Social Media Superstar Surgeons

One cosmetic surgical doctor had an audience of 13 million followers as he shared extremely graphic footage of his surgeries, on Tik Tok. This celebrity doctor was reported as being the most ‘followed cosmetic surgeon’. In one video doctors danced along and laughed to the Dolly Parton song, Jolene, while performing liposuction on an unconscious patient.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority, (AHPA) forced the doctor to remove social posts related to his surgeries and restricted him to GP work only. He appealed the agency’s decision, claiming the restrictions were ‘draining him financially’. Attempted communication with the doctor sends the caller to a Philippine call centre, saying no bookings for surgical procedures would be taken at the clinic until next year.  

Other ‘cowboy doctors’ running wild on global social media, claim they have thousands of followers. When challenged, they claim the allegations and anti-claims are ‘false news’ and lies about their procedures and results. Does that sound familiar?

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a booming business. Some places advertise new ultra-modern one-stop clinics catering for all medical needs. Book an overseas trip and plunge into the rabbit hole of the phenomenon of medical tourism. You can browse 1,364 plus clinics in 14 different countries, and that is on just one site on the web. The site boldly claims you can save up to 70% compared to treatment at home.

With any professionally performed medical procedure, you are elaborately told the downside. Are people getting the same information when it comes to cosmetic or plastic surgery and how can you check the doctor’s credentials? Does the clinic have the proper hygiene required for surgical procedures? Saving money could put the rest of a life at risk and cost far more than the original procedure would have.

Botched Cosmetic Procedures

Blunders in the dark side of cosmetic surgery includes many high-profile names. Country crooner, Kenny Rogers, came unstuck with a botched eyelid lift. Donatella Versace ended up with a ‘trout pout’, an oversize top lip.

Michael Jackson was the classic case of body dysmorphic disorder, (BDD). That is a psychiatric condition that makes it impossible to see oneself as others see you. These people go through numerous cosmetic and plastic surgeries to correct a defect that isn’t there. They suffer from plastic surgery addiction.

Jocelyn Wildenstein underwent numerous procedures to win her husband back. Heidi Montag, reality star, underwent ten procedures in one day. She looks more like a Barbie doll than a person. Montag has since called the surgeries a ‘mistake’. “People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body.”

Priscilla Presley is barely recognisable from the beauty she once was. Many males are in the same category, their handsome looks long gone from too many procedures.

Barbara Streisand looked at having a nose job, but said, “I couldn’t find anyone I could trust enough and I couldn’t do it myself by looking in the mirror.”

Does Nature Know Best?

Looking at a naturally aged face, is to see the dry riverbeds of past smiles. Faces that show character and hold the secrets of experience. Nature has its own way of aging gracefully, and doesn’t need help from the dark side of cosmetic surgery. There are also many cases, where cosmetic and plastic surgery have been a blessing. It is like driving a car or using the Internet knowing there are hackers out there. You know accidents happen, but sometimes you need to take the risk.

Enjoy your unique voice. It reaches far beyond your sphere of influence, so use it for the good of others.

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