Queen Elizabeth’s Heart

Queen Elizabeth's Heart

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Two words summarize Queen Elizabeth’s heart – dedication and service. In a radio broadcast on the 21 April, 1947, she said, “I declare before you all, my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.”

The statement at 21 years-of-age has been reflected throughout her long reign, on the British throne. The Queen has celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.

From Her Youth

Elizabeth stood out from the crowd, from her youth. Prime Minister Churchill, said of the four-year-old princess, “She had an astonishing air of authority and reflectiveness”.

Elizabeth was just ten-years-of-age, when her uncle abdicated the throne. As there were no brothers, she became heir-apparent. Her father schooled the young princess for her future role as queen.

Her father’s death meant her immediate ascension to the throne, at just 25-years-of-age. In the blink of an eye, Princess Elizabeth became public property. She was Queen of the British Isles, Head-Of-State of 14 nations and Queen of the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth’s son, Prince Charles. is the longest heir-apparent in British history. It is now questioned whether the 75-year-old, Prince Charles, will reach the throne. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, died at 101. Will Queen Elizabeth II follow in her mother’s footsteps?

Queen’s Influence

Queen Elizabeth’s heart is as a woman of influence. There will never be another one like her. Elizabeth is the most recognizable face across the globe. She holds a Guinness World Record for the most currencies featuring the same individual. They display her face on 35 different currencies.

The Queen’s influence has spanned seven decades. She has been a figurehead during times of vast social change, from as far back as World War II.

War, politics, social unrest, tragedy, or family disappointments have not influenced Elizabeth. As the oldest living, reigning monarch, she continues to be a record-breaker.

Queen Elizabeth’s Heart

Queen Elizabeth is renowned for not faking it and rarely seen to cry in public. Some even said she was ‘cold’. That is far from the truth. She respects emotion, but Queen Elizabeth does not fake it. Elizabeth has striven to remain genuine. She refuses to display emotion in order to satisfy the needs of others.

There was one time she was wildly emotional, publicly. It was at her christening. They drenched her with baptismal water, before she stopped complaining.

Strict Protocol

Elizabeth is renowned for her formality and strict adherence to royal protocol. In her 70 year reign, only six people have broken the protocol of never touching the Queen of England.

When Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, put his arm around the Queen, there was an uproar. There was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection and appreciation between Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Obama, then first lady of America.


The Queen’s private life infuses with informality. Family barbecues are a vast contrast to the rigid formality of public life.

Elizabeth is renowned for her quick wit and sense of humour. Someone once described her as having a wonderful sense of the absurd.

The Queen displays a sense of warmth, while maintaining her dignity and stately reserve. She has developed the art of being a Brand and a National Treasure. In 70 years, she has never given an interview to the press.

Major Crisis

Following the death of Princess Diana, the royal house of Windsor hit a major crisis. Estranged from Prince Charles, Diana was no longer an official member of the royal family.

Few understood the maelstrom of emotion that erupted across the world. One in four decried the monarchy for their lack of public reaction. This almost brought the monarchy to its knees.

The Queen Elizabeth’s heart and first duty was to her grandsons. She addressed the nation. “What I say to you now, as your Queen and as a grandmother, I say from my heart.”

While remaining true to herself, she gave the public what they needed. At no point did she sell out her integrity by yielding to popular demand. Nor did she yield to empty empathy.

When the Queen agreed to a public funeral for Diana, public opinion turned in her favour. Crisis averted.

70 Year Job

Queen Elizabeth sees her position as being a God-appointed job. She has held that job diligently for 70 years. That makes a unique record.

Elizabeth sees public and voluntary service as one of the most important elements of her job. Her 600 royal patronages and charities cover from opportunities for young people, to military and the environment. She stands for the preservation of wildlife, as well as many public service organisations.

The Queen attends over 430 official engagements per year. Then there are around 25 investitures. The queen has sat through 100 state dinners and had 1000s of meetings with politicians, besides giving 1000s of speeches.

Working royals do over 3200 engagements per year, both in the UK and abroad. That’s a lot of dedication and service from ‘The Firm’.

Animal Lover

The Queen has a full personal life, despite a gruelling public schedule. She has 8 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. We also know her for her love of animals, particularly horses. Elizabeth had her first riding lesson at three-years old. She owned her first pony at four.

In 2014, they awarded the Queen the International Equestrian Federation Lifetime Achievement for her service and dedication to the sport. Her knowledge of breeding and bloodlines is unmatched.

Elizabeth has always attended the Gold Cup at Ascot. She missed Ascot for the first time in 2022, because of mobility issues.

The Queen has bred over 300 canines during her time. They often photograph the Queen with her corgis. They have a special room in Buckingham Palace. Two footmen tend the corgis.. The Queen takes her corgis for a walk twice a day.

Grandson, Prince William, says it is the Queen’s love of pets that is the secret that keeps her content, despite the many demands on her life.

Queen Elizabeth’s Heart And Voice

Queen Elizabeth’s heart and voice will be heard long after the crown has passed to the next generation. Every woman has a unique voice in their own sphere of influence. It needs to be valued. It is a uniqueness that is not dependent on circumstances. Queen Elizabeth has never allowed tragedy to dictate who she is.

No other woman has as high a profile as Queen Elizabeth. The vast majority of women go unnamed and unsung. Hidden in obscurity. However, they are the glue that binds society together. Each woman’s voice should be valued.

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