Look for a Smart Milk Jug

Smart Milk Jug?

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A must-have ‘Smart Milk Jug’ proves that technology rules our life. You switch the lights off at night, but the room is aglow with all the IT gadgets, from the fridge, kettle, water filter, electric chair, bug catcher, tv, smart phone, Wi-Fi, etc., etc. You will soon need to add a Smart Milk Jug to the list, and you thought milk jugs were a thing of the past.

Taste of Sour Milk

Every tasted coffee made with sour milk, yet, everyone knows that sour milk has a distinctive, unpleasant odour, while fresh milk has a slightly sweet smell? Haven’t you seen your mother pull milk out of the fridge and smell it to see if it is still drinkable?

After milk has been in the fridge for a while the bacterium in the milk consumes the milk sugars and releases lactic acid, which is the source of the smell. This in turn lowers the pH of the milk, turning it sour.

Along Comes the Smart Milk Jug

A company announced on March 29th that they are working on a ‘smart milk jug’. Many thought it was an April Fools’ joke, but the company insisted it was legit. Sometime soon you will never again accidentally use sour milk in your beloved morning cup of coffee.

The sensor-monitors on your smart milk jug will show you the level of acidity of the milk inside the jug, telling you it is either Fresh or Sour. Just in case you are not fully awake, your SMJ won’t stop there, but will sound an alarm if the milk has turned.

So, keep an eye out for your SMJ and add it to all the other technology in your home. Hmmm. I wonder if the SMJ is electric or battery driven? Perhaps we will get cows that produce non-souring milk.

Where’s the Smart Milk Jug?

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