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In a man’s world, the law says there shall be no discrimination against women. However, real equality will not happen until males and females celebrate and appreciate similarities and respect differences.

However, real equality will not happen until we learn to celebrate our differences.

Gender inequality still affects women and girls, such as domestic and sexual
violence, lower pay, lack of access to education and inadequate healthcare.
Discrimination still exists, despite laws against it.

Human Rights

In recent decades, women have made significant strides towards equality with men. A growing number of women have taken on leadership roles, in universities, workplaces, boardrooms and in government. They have forged pathways for other women and daughters to follow. However, there is still a long way to go.

We are all entitled to human rights. This includes the right to live free from violence and discrimination. The right to the highest standard of physical and mental health. Everyone have the right to be educated, own property, vote and earn an equal wage.

Science, technology, engineering and the field of math industries remain heavily male-dominated. Men have run these industries for so long, they are a hostile environment for women.

Wage Inequality

The average full-time weekly wage for women is 15.7% lower than the average wage men receive. Women earn eighty-three cents for every dollar men earn.
Black women and Latinos earn 57cents for every dollar.

The average superannuation balance for women aged 60-64-years was just over half the balance of men’s superannuation. Women are more likely to experience poverty in retirement than men.

Women are 15% less likely to get promoted than men and men are more likely to promote other men. It is still a man’s world and jobs for the ‘old boys’

Society has long denigrated women’s ability to lead. Just 20% of CEOs are women in a man’s world. Pepperdine University did a 19-year survey of Fortune 500 companies. Those with the highest record of promoting women outperformed their competition by anywhere from 41 to 116%.

Female CEOs

Women have to work twice as hard as men to hold a position of influence. Some companies believe that increasing the number of women in corporate leadership could increase financial returns. But these companies are in the minority.

Research from the IMF shows a higher proportion of women on the boards of banks and financial supervision agencies is associated with greater stability.

Of the Fortune 500 companies, only 37 are led by women. Females are the major buyers of cosmetics and perfume, yet most companies have male CEOs. Womanomics are a reality, but few companies listen.

Harassment Against Women

Peer pressure affects females more than males. According to a recent survey, girls are more likely than boys to be bullied at school. Twice, as many girls are on the receiving end of cyberbullying. The most common form of bullying of girls is name calling and social exclusion.

Violence against women and their children cost the Australian economy $22 billion per annum. Sexual harassment, abuse and domestic violence hurt more women than men. This won’t change until men lose the status of being able to get away with mistreating women. Until they gain a respect for women.

Discrimination In A Man’s World

One in two mothers reported workplace discrimination because of pregnancy leave, or returning to work. They found themselves redundant, restructured, or dismissed. Others didn’t have their contract renewed.

Health insurance is also a man’s world. Women are forced to pay more for their health insurance. Companies consider women a higher risk than men. Women go to the doctor more often, live longer and have babies.

Women gain a small plus in car insurance. The premiums are cheaper as they have fewer accidents, make fewer claims and have less traffic violations.

Women are not 50% of car buyers. No longer can advertisers major on sexy birds lounging across car bonnets. The macho male can no longer be the center of car company’s attention.

Purchasing Power

Women control 83% if consumer spending, as they are the principal buyers. Yet, men can purchase untaxed viagra, but tampons for women are taxed. Viagra comes under the heading of ‘essential medications’.

Women pay more than men for hair-loss treatment. Rogain costs 40% more for women than the same product sold to men. Haircuts for men are much cheaper than women’s haircuts. Women should also buy men’s deodorant. It’s much cheaper.

Care Giving In A Man’s World

In a man’s world, women spend 64% of their working week unpaid. Women also spend 50% more time as a caregiver. Women are naturally nurturers and are attuned to the needs of others.

Every week women do around twenty hours household chores. Men do only six hours. Women are natural multitaskers. They have to be, to run a family.

Sport In A Man’s World

Roger Federer has earned $186.8 million in career prize money, while Serena Williams has earned %58.4 million. In the top 100 highest-paid athletes, Serena Williams is the only woman.

Female athletes are downplayed and trivialized, making them less threatening. Males receive more publicity and more funding than their female counterpart.

Then you have the problem of sex-changed athletes. Should ‘ex males’ compete against woman? Natural born men and women have entirely different physiques.


Women are not aiming to take over the world. If you look back to the story of the Garden of Eden, Eve was a ‘helpmeet’. She was not a subordinate or servant. Real equality will not happen until we learn to celebrate our differences.

Women have the ability and intellect that allows them to take positions of responsibility in a man’s world. That is not about undermining the natural authority of men. Women need to be recognized for their abilities without fear of discrimination. There are many pioneer women who made the world a better place to live in.

Every woman had a unique voice in her sphere of influence. She needs to be valued for who she is.

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