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We need to learn how to talk to AIs, as if we didn’t already have enough technology in our life, but more and more the world of AIs is permeating out life. Every coin has two sides, such as confidence and arrogance, but so too does the use of AIs. There are several benefits as well as disadvantages in learning how to talk to AIs.

AIs are Efficient

AIs process information quickly and efficiently. Knowledge doubles every 12 hours. A Stanford University 2019 report found the speed of AIs computation doubles every three months. In 2012 the doubling rate was every two years.

The ability to gain information quickly is a massive time saver for people where time is of a premium. However, all information needs to be double checked. There is a lot of fake news out there and you can’t believe everything you read. Check other reliable sources. The weakness is the human ability to ask the right question to get the desired information.

24/7 Availability

Unlike humans, AIs are available 24/7, which means you can get help, or answers to your questions at any time, provided you have a strong enough Internet provider. The main advantage is that an AI can collate and compare up-to-date data far beyond human capability.

There are times when the traffic is extra heavy which may cause a slight delay. But that is also the case with Google who has become the go-to-place for gleaning information.

AIs are Non-Judgmental

An AI is programmed to be neutral and non-judgmental. This means you can talk to it about sensitive or personal topics without fear of being judged.

AIs only present the facts, without distracting influences of personal opinions which so often colour our thinking. AIs may even warn you of sensitivity, such as when you use humour and if you ask in inappropriate question, it will tell you and decline to answer.

Personalized Experience

Depending on the type of AI you are talking to, it can be programmed to learn from your interactions and provide a more personalized experience. AIs welcome feedback so it can improve itself.

They are also being used to ensure safety for the general public. There are AIs which are programmed to check the mental state of commercial pilots. While there is a danger of AIs ruling our lives, we all know the danger of a severely depressed pilot in charge of an aircraft carrying hundreds of people.

Cost Effective

In many instances the use of AIs is more cost effective than using the human mind. Some say this causes loss of jobs, but technology provides its own need for a workforce. It means we have to adjust. The road to mountain-top success is littered with dead bodies of those who refused to adjust to change.

Talking to AIs Improves Mental Health

AI chatbots have been shown to help improve mental health by providing a supportive and non-judgmental outlet for people to express their thoughts and feelings. Talking to AIs also stimulates alternative thought patterns.

We can only draw on the knowledge we are able to drag out of our mind on any given subject. It is good to have something to nudge us into looking at the broader picture.

However, while there are many benefits in knowing how to talk to an AI, there are also some potential disadvantages.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence

It’s all very well to know how to talk to an AI, but AIs are programmed to understand language and respond accordingly. They don’t have the emotional intelligence and empathy of a human being. This means they are unable to pick up on subtle cues or understand the nuances of human emotion.

Smart people have a high sense of emotional intelligence and can show sincere empathy. The human is body, soul and spirit with the ability to discern, process, learn and assimilate information.

Limited Scope

Just as the human brain is limited by the information it has processed, an AI is only as good as its programming. Ask questions outside its purview and it won’t be able to answer, so you need to know how to talk to the AI you are working with.

Google has been ‘top dog’ since 1994. We have come to rely on asking Google questions on any subject, but Google is under threat in the race to produce more sophisticated AIs. As in all fields, the most efficient and cost effective one will win. Or is that the most publicized?

Limited Creativity

AIs are designed to operate within only certain parameters, which means that they may not be able to come up with the solutions you need or have the ability to think outside the box. It is an information processor of varying degrees. AIs are constantly evolving, so what it doesn’t know today, it may know tomorrow.

We need to be like AIs in that regard, ever developing and keep using our infinite imagination. However, the really exciting thing about human beings is our ability to create. Only humans can dream and reach out to the unreachable. Imagine what Thomas Edison might have produced if he had had the assistance of an AI.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Talking to an AI may involve sharing personal information or sensitive data, which raises security and privacy concerns. Living in the modern world we constantly take security and privacy risks. We do what we can to protect ourselves, but we can’t live in a bubble never taking risks. How boring that would make life. Sometimes reasonable risks are worth it.


On one hand over-reliance on AIs can lead to a lack of our critical thinking and using problem-solving skills. On the other hand, AIs can introduce a new line of thinking you hadn’t considered. How stressed do you get if the Internet goes down, or you misplace one of your small devices?

Dependence on AIs can produce decreased ability to interact with others. We were designed to be social creatures, so it is vital to our well-being that we continue to have social interaction. We also need to be aware of the influence of negative physical or online relationships and have the courage to ditch them if necessary.

Unintended Biases

AIs can perpetuate and even amplify human biases, particularly if they are trained on biased data. This can lead to discriminatory outcomes. Discrimination in any form is unacceptable.

You have a right to your opinion, and so do others, but establish your own core values and be aware of how they impact on others. It is good to listen to the opinion of others, but we need to weigh up whether or not their opinion is to influence our core beliefs.

Conclusion In How to Talk to AIs

Learning in how to talk to AIs is not only informative, but it can be entertaining, depending on the reason you are using them. We all operate off the shoulders of other greats and there is nothing new under the sun. You need to use your brain to produce your unique work, so that you alone answer to who you really are. AIs are not a ‘cheat sheet’.

We live in a world of chaos where there is the constancy of change. If you are not prepared to engage with technology, you will get left behind but use technology with wisdom and discernment. An AI is a tool and is only as good as the person who uses it. You have a valuable voice, use it to the good.

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