How To Commit Ashes Into Space

How to commit ashes to space

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How to commit ashes into space is a lighthearted look at the sombre subject of death. ‘Star Trek’ actor Nichelle Nichols’ ashes will be rocketed into space later this year.

How to Commit Ashes Into Space In a Deep Space Memorial

There is always a lot of thought put into where a loved one’s ashes should end up, but now you can add space to those options. You can send your loved ones into deep space, accompanied by your samples of your DNA. I can’t help but chortle at the idea, while I am sure many will take it seriously.

Later this year, more than 200 capsules containing ashes, messages and DNA samples will be placed on the Enterprise Flight. It will begin its endless journey orbiting the sun, in deep interplanetary space.

Celestis offers an alternative funeral service. Families from around the world can witness the launch of their loved ones on a final mission, from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

The Enterprise Flight will be renamed Enterprise Station once it reached a steady orbit around the sun. It will be a representation of Earth, its customs and its cultures, as part of the deeper cosmos.

Star Trek Actor Nichelle Nichols Among the Stars

How to commit ashes into space is a newly developed concept. It will thrust Nichols into a whole new era.

Nichelle Nichols broke racial barriers when she starred in a lead role in the television series, Star Trek. Nicholls died at 89-years-old, and soon her ashes will literally be among the stars.

Nichols was the first black woman to act in a leading role in a network television series, portraying a character that was not limited by the stereotypes of Hollywood’s past. She was a trailblazing actress and advocate for NASA. Nichols was appointed NASA’s recruiter in chief and spokesperson and was instrumental in encouraging women, particularly women of colour, to join NASA. No doubt Mae Jemison, doctor and engineer and the first black woman to go into space in 1992, was inspired by Nichols.

Fans can accompany Nichols by sending their name and tributes, for free, to Celestis website. The name and messages will be digitized and launched on the rocket carrying Nichols into the cosmos. This gives a whole new dimension to celebrating a person’s life.

Celebrating The Dead

Celebrating the dead is as old as civilisation, but how to send ashes into space would have confused the ancients. From dressing up for the ‘Day of the Dead’ to burying loved ones with food and precious objects, there are many ways to celebrate the dead.

In Nepal, they have an eight-day celebration called the Festival of the Cows. There is a procession of cows through the centre of town, led by family members of those who have died in the preceding year. Cows are sacred and guide the recently deceased loved one in the afterlife.

In China, they celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival for a full month, setting a place for the deceased at the table, on the 15th day of the month. The festival culminates by lighting flower-shaped water lanterns and placing them on lakes, or rivers, to lead the spirits back to the lower regions. The Bon Festival in Japan is a time of feasting, fireworks, games and dances, welcoming the spirits of the dead.

In Indonesia, they treat the deceased as if they are still alive. Finally. the body is placed in casket and burned. They believe the fire releases the spirit. In Peru, wakes and burials are where people drink and dance, accompanied by artists and folkloric bands. The host presents gifts of memorabilia with the deceased’s picture to guests. They also have a two-day celebration. ‘All Saints Day’, followed by the ‘Day of the Dead’. 

More Diverse Celebrations

In Poland, the doors and windows of the house of the deceased are kept open because it’s believed that the soul needs a path to go to the spiritual world. In addition, mirrors are covered and clocks are stopped.

In Ireland, people open the windows for two hours, as a path for the soul to leave. If someone blocks the way for any reason, they will suffer bad luck. After the two hours have passed, the windows must be closed to prevent the soul from coming back.

African families go to great lengths to organize funerals, and even incur heavy debt. The arrangements for a funeral typically include buying new clothes, custom-made coffins, offering food for guests, hiring singers, and coffin dancers.

Believing in cryonics, for humans and beloved pets, with the hope of revival at a later time, is not just material of sci-fi films. So, sending ashes of loved one into space may not seem so odd, and it is ‘out of this world’. Death is a reality of the human race, and we all handle it in our own unique way, including how to send ashes into space.

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