What is the Hammer and Nail Principle?

Hammer and Nail principle

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What is the hammer and nail principle? That sounds so mysterious.

As a wife and mother, we often run on the hammer and nail principle, from necessity. However, when possible, we need to stop and take a breath. Relax, even if it is for a fraction of a second and gather our thoughts.

There is an old proverb: ‘For a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. This is called the hammer-and-nail phenomenon. It is so easy to be ruled by familiar ideas or objects, but it takes time and courage to think about and analyse a problem.

Don’t do just what comes to mind first, though that is tempting. “Get it over and done with, attitude”. To be impulsive has its place, but it shouldn’t be a way of life, or you will miss the deeper meaning and experience of living. Deeper research, or taking a step back, often reveals a much richer result. We don’t have to be ruled by the urgent.

The hammer is essentially a masculine force, and when striking or crushing it represents justice and revenge. The hammer is not only a tool; it represents might. When paired with an anvil, it represents fertility and creation. In Norse mythology the hammer represented power.

You have power in your hands and your voice is valuable but take time to step back and do some analysing. You might be surprised with the result. Don’t let the urgent, or the impulsive define who you are.

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