Fun Way to Check Your Personality – Optical Illusion

Fun way to Check Your Personality

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Check your personality through this fun way with an optical illusion. Look at the above image and observe what you notice first. Note, there are four types of creatures in the image. What you see first is said to represent your strongest personality traits.

Personality Check and Two Birds

If like me, you first noticed two birds flying over a tree, the experts say you may be (not definitely) an honest person who puts everyone else at ease. They claim your people skills make you a natural leader. Ho Hum to that…

Personality Check and the Head of a Gorilla

If you then noticed the gorilla in the bottom left corner, you are an analytical thinker. You like to have a lot of information about a subject, which I always do, before writing about it, or solving a problem. You are driven by curiosity, which is something we should all highly value.

Personality Check and a Head of a Lion

If you first noticed the lion in the right-hand corner, you have a dominant personality, always striving for the top, often pushing others out of the way. Sounds like an over achiever to me. We all need goals, but let’s enjoy the journey.

Personality Check and Two Tiny Flying Fish

The experts say a miniscule minority of about 1% first notice the leaping fish at the bottom of the image. These people have a reputation for idealism and kindness precedes them. However, they say this is the reason people walk all over them. It is sad that kindness is related to being stomped on.

Anyone noticing the two fish first are those who look to the bottom of the heap, or concentrate of the finer details. Who first sees the smallest images of all? The majority of us look at the bigger picture, gut frequently miss the small things. Reminds you of the old saying that men are ‘headliners’ while women look to the ‘small print.’

Another Personality Check

Others claim there are four birds that show your type of personality. Which one would you choose, from an Eagle, Peacock, Owl, or Dove.

What do you associate with these birds? For me an eagle means flying high in freedom, with the ability to face all storms. Did you know that an eagle turns into a storm, allows its wings to go rigid and remains that way until the storm passes over. A peacock is a strutting bird that loves to show off its beautiful plumage. An owl is often the symbol of wisdom, but a night bird. A dove is usually a symbol of peace and a gentle bird. So, let’s see what the experts claim.

An eagle reveals traits of a person who is faithful, loves authority and power and stays away from small-minded people. A peacock is a crowd-pleaser, noisy and dramatic besides being friendly.

An owl is a numbers person, conscientious, logical and systematic. An owl looks before it leaps and a deep thinker. A dove is a nurturer and helper and has a calming effect on others. The person who has dove traits is often shy yet warm and friendly,


This short article is to cause you to relax and smile at yourself, for if you are honest, you fit into several of the above categories. Life is a serious business and we don’t take enough time out to enjoy the smaller delights of life. Heedless of your circumstances, the sun will shine tomorrow. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, so enjoy today.

Optical illusions are fun to play around with, check out some of these.

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