What is the Extraordinary Power of Eyesight?

extraordinary power of eyesight

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The extraordinary power of eyesight is something the scientists agree upon. We perceive 80% of all impressions via our eyes as we connect with the world around us. Impulses are sent to the brain where they are turned into images and memories. These feed our extraordinary imagination.

Each Sense Has Unique Strength

We live in an era where knowledge doubles every twelve hours. It is a world where there are more AI devices than human beings on the planet. AIs have become a major part of our life, but never underestimate the power of the five senses of the human body, that differentiate us from AIs, with eyesight at the top of the list.

Each of our senses has its own unique strength that contributes to our overall sensory experience. The sense of hearing is crucial for communication, while the sense of touch allows us to experience physical sensations. Taste and smell are closely linked and work together to allow us to experience flavour and identify different food and other substances. However, learning and cognition are all mediated through vision.

You can navigate a totally dark room you are familiar with, because of what you saw when the room was lit. Your imagination works with your sense of touch and allows you to successfully move around. Yet, there are times when the power of sight overrides information that contradicts what our other senses are telling us. Optical illusionists count on this to mystify and entertain us with their sleight-of-hand and other techniques.

The Extraordinary Power of Eyesight and Imagination

Our eyesight receives visual clues which are processed, interpreted, and stored in our brain from where we recall them. These images reveal the close link between the sensory power of our eyesight and the equally extraordinary power of our imagination. A good storyteller, or movie director uses this to evoke strong emotions in the reader or viewer. Hitchcock was a master at this, using the art of perception through inferred imagery, as was brilliantly used in the bathroom scene of the 1960 Psycho movie.

If we would associate an image to a name when we are first introduced to someone, we would have a better chance of recalling that name later. The problem is we are too busy with a thousand-and-one other thoughts and images demanding our attention at the time of the introduction.

Eyesight also plays a major role in identifying and processing our emotions. Eyes are the window of the soul and are the strongest portrayer of our wide range of emotions. Eyes are also said to be the light of the body, so it is important to think about what we view. I love to stare out at the ocean as it reminds me that our horizons are immeasurable.

The Extraordinary Power of Eyesight and Insight

It is the extraordinary power of eyesight and internal mental images that shapes how we react to the world. It’s how we understand and navigate our way through life. Without our sight we are blind to the natural world and other senses become crucial. However, without insight we are blind to the deeper things of life.

If a mother learns her child is taking drugs she has two choices. She can either hammer the physical aspect, with little real success, or take a step back, use insight, and try to discover the reasons behind the action. She may have far more success.

So, it is with many situations we encounter, including marital differences. Instead of just considering the physical situation, a greater understanding will come if we can discern the hidden reasoning behind whatever caused the event. Yelling and screaming only leads to escalation with inevitable results. Stepping quietly back from a confrontation is not a failure, but can produce a more effective inner strength and a better way to deal with the issue. It gives breathing space to assess and grow.

Extraordinary Power of Eyesight and Hindsight

Hindsight gives us twenty-twenty vision. Our lives can be full of, ‘If only…….’, ‘What if…….’ and a million other regrets. However, the greatest value of hindsight is when we learn lessons from what has taken place.

It’s not just a matter of preventing that upset, failure, or disappointment from reoccurring, it is a means of our own personal growth and the ability to make better decisions in the future. It is truly a case of ‘Live and Learn’. Those who refuse to learn from experience will guarantee they fall into the same trap in the future.

Some experiences and memories are far more painful than others, but as humans we have an amazing capacity to survive, no matter what curved balls life throws at us.

Extraordinary Power of Eyesight and Foresight

Foresight plays a major role in our life. When you plant a seed in the ground you visualize what that seed will produce, but also imagine the future needs of the plant and place it accordingly. An artist looks at a blank canvas but knows in his mind what the finished painting will look like. A builder imagines what the building will look like before he hammers home the first nail. A woman looks at a roll of material and knows what she can create from it. A meal is created in the mind long before it is on the plate.

The interesting thing in being a writer, it that foresight is not always available. There are numerous times when the writing evolves in ways not initially seen, but all the while, the writer is drawing on the images that are locked away in the brain from the extraordinary power of eyesight.

While you can’t foresee every event in life, which is probably just as well, you can use foresight to make preparations. A mother conceives a child, but she needs foresight to prepare the way for the child. She also needs to prepare for the day when that child will no longer need her day-to-day nurturing.


Give true value to the extraordinary power of your eyesight, be it natural sight, foresight, insight, or hindsight. Each one has a powerful influence on how we live and perceive our life and what contributes to our success as a person. As a woman we need to hone every one of our senses, as we face rapid social and technological changes in an ever-evolving world. Ask yourself the question, “What do I feast my eyes on and how valuable is the power of my extraordinary eyesight?”

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