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  • Surprised by Joy

    Surprised by Joy

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Life is so wonderful that I am often surprised by joy. Despite the doom sayers, pessimists and the overly politically correct, I believe it is still a beautiful world.

  • Who or What Are Super Agers?

    Who or What Are Super Agers?

    Reading Time: 6 minutes Super Agers are a group of people over the age of 80, who have retained a memory capacity equal to much younger people. They are individuals who exhibit less brain volume loss, or what is known as brain atrophy.

  • Colour Me Beautiful

    Colour Me Beautiful

    Reading Time: 6 minutes We are so used to colour in our everyday life that we take it for granted and don’t realise its effects on our choices and our psyche. We unconsciously engage with colour choices.

  • Full Crazy about the Moon

    Full Crazy about the Moon

    Reading Time: 6 minutes The full moon affects not just sleep but the mind and body. The word ‘lunatic’ comes from the Latin word for moon, luna and was coined in the 15th century along with myths of werewolves who come out full force at full moon.

  • Famous Sisters who were Rivals

    Famous Sisters who were Rivals

    Reading Time: 5 minutes There are many records of famous sister who were rivals, which is sad, as the love of a sister is a real blessing. Here are just some interesting sisters, which includes, the Bronte Sisters, Boleyn Sisters, the Andrew Sisters, through to the Gabor sisters and Cleopatra.

  • Beatrix and her Bunnies

    Beatrix and her Bunnies

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Today’s woman from history, Beatrix Potter, was a champion of many causes. She was a writer, illustrator, natural scientist, sheep farmer, businesswoman and conservationist. As such this amazing woman, Helen Beatrix Potter was a woman pioneer in many fields,

  • Stunning Flappers from the 1920s

    Stunning Flappers from the 1920s

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s take a light-hearted look at the wonderful, energetic and outrageous, but stunning Flappers from the 1920s. These women impacted the world in a way women had never done before.

  • Astounding Women Leaders from the Mists of Time

    Astounding Women Leaders from the Mists of Time

    Reading Time: 5 minutes There were some astounding women leaders from the mists of time. They were fearless ‘lionesses’ if their day. Women who operated from a deep inner passion for what they believed in.

  • World’s Largest Diamonds

    World’s Largest Diamonds

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Not many people would have been aware when they saw images of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin they were viewing the world’s largest diamond.

  • Our Amazing Female Brains

    Our Amazing Female Brains

    Reading Time: 4 minutes In the current obsession with gender, talking about male or female brains could cause outrage. There is even a term for this, neurosexism, ‘Neuro’ refers to nerves or circuitry of the brain.


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