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Do you like this powerful woman? She hardly sleeps, is sexy, a businesswoman, a mother, and the epitome of virtue. Who can hold a candle to her? I have longed to get my teeth into a good study of this portion of Scripture.

A Different Perspective

I had a good laugh when I read a different angle of Proverbs 31. This person majored on the first few verses where the mother gives advice to her son, King Lemuel “Do not spend your strength on women, your vigour on those who ruin kings. Lest they drink and forget what the law decrees and deprive all the oppressed of their rights. Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.”

Was it written  by a man, as we do live in a ‘man’s world’, where womanomics threatens them? Admittedly, a glancing read of the virtuous woman is enough to daunt the strongest female.

For this study, we will give our lady the name Virtu, so we can bypass the constant use of ‘She’.

She Satisfies Her Husband

A virtuous woman is beyond monetary calculation. Virtu is the answer to ‘wandering eyes’, as she sates her husband’s demands. However, relationships are a two-way street. A covenant that takes two parties who are prepared to an exchange of each other.

If Virtu satisfies her husband, does he satisfy her needs? Everyone gets hurt. The key is forgiveness.

Barbara De Angelis said, “We develop courage by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

Suitable Clothing

Virtu takes time out to keep her clothing up-to-date, clean, and tidy. That’s all very well, but to keep up-to-date is not always the best course of action. It costs lots of money to keep in with the latest trends, and I am one woman whose body does not meet the criteria necessary for showing off the latest fashions as displayed on models.

I’ve seen teenagers rage through second-hand shops looking for ‘retro’ Maybe they should visit my wardrobe? However, we all agree with clean and tidy. No matter the age, our clothing should show good taste, which we can wear with confidence and dignity. Just as well today, women are not confined with the ridiculous demands of the past, such as the body and soul-destroying things like corsets.

Virtu ensures her household is adequately clothed according to the weather. How many mothers have said, “Make sure you take……?” as her kids head for the door. Women are natural nurturers and spend more time being a carer than their male counterpart.

Do You Like This Powerful Woman Of Creativity?

Do you like this powerful woman, Virtu? She is a woman of creativity, working willingly with her hands. So many arts have been lost to the younger generation. Why would you take time to knit a jersey, or sew a dress, when wool is expensive and you get cheaper garments, ‘Made in China’? The next generation won’t even know what knitting needles are. It’s a sad day when numerous women can’t use a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

Creativity is part of our human drive. It fosters resilience and patience. It gives joy and satisfaction of a job well done, as well as providing opportunities for the fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities. The ‘instant’ life has caused us to lose a lot of quality. I’m not recommending going back to making your own butter, but let’s not forget our ancestral roots.

Some people are not creative, but they have other talents. Barbra Streisand said, “You need to find you, what you do and stick with it. You don’t have to mimic anyone.”

Housework is not a rewarding pastime because of its repeatability, but it is an essential part of living. Have a good attitude towards it. I have reached a time in life when I can get assistance with my housework, but I still potter myself.

Great Cook

Being a great cook is a help in any family situation. Virtu provides a variety at mealtime, in a wise and nutritious selection of food. Beats pigging out on take-away McDonalds, but we do live in the ‘fast-food’ era. This is attested to by the number of obese children in the younger generation. My grandmother and mother were good cooks. I am thrilled to see this has passed on two generations, as my daughter is a tasty cook as well.

Virtu gets up early in the morning to make breakfast and see that her children eat properly. That is good advice for modern-day mums. 

Television has destroyed ‘family-meal-times’ in many homes.

Do You Like This Powerful Woman Provider?

Virtu knows a bargain when she sees one. Not too many of us can buy a field and plant a vineyard, but we can be careful and wise providers for our home.

With today’s cost of living, women work much harder to stay within their budget. Prayer and carefulness does work. Specials are often a blessing in disguise. Make the most of them whenever you can. 

Discerning Businesswoman

Virtu looks for opportunities as a successful businesswoman. There have been many women pioneers who found opportunities to change the world.

Virtu ensures there is quality in whatever she produces. She goes the extra mile to ensure that quality, represented by the fact she is prepared to work into the night. We do not need to be perfectionists, but we need to do the best we can.

Virtu is not held back by limitations. She lets go of anything that holds her back, like procrastination, negativity, and the fear of failure. She embraces healthy, productive habits.

There are times we must stretch ourselves to achieve the goal. Life is a marathon, not a 50-metre dash. The race does not go to the swiftest, but to the one who lasts the longest. Consider the hare and the tortoise.

Do You Like This Powerful Woman Of Empathy

The glue that holds our society together is the individual’s ability to see another person’s perspective. You’re not the answer to other people’s problems, but you can offer a sympathetic and empathetic ear. Empathy helps us to understand others and often compels us to take action to relieve another person’s suffering. A kind word can be the greatest healing word you can utter.

There is an old saying, “I thought I had a problem because I had no shoes, until I saw the person who had no feet.” No matter your situation, there is always someone worse off than you. Self-pity is a killer and easily leads to depression.

Strength And Honour Her Clothing

Virtu’s ‘clothing’ is virtue and honour. She speaks wisdom and her tongue is the law of kindness. That is a real mouthful, but we all have choices. We can go through life as bad girls, naughty girls, mean girls, or be women of virtue. We all have a voice in our sphere of influence. A voice we can use to good.

Gossip can alienate friends and ruin reputations. It can lead to ostracizing behaviour and other forms of relational aggression.

Psychologists tell us that the words we use, when talking to others, shows our own personality, emotional state, social connection and thought pattern. How we deal with others reflects on how we see ourselves. We all need to think twice before we open our mouth.

Strength and Honour

Virtu is a woman of strength, ability, efficiency, wealth, and valour. She brings honour and dignity to womanhood. Many women have achieved fame, such as Nancy Pelosi, or Ruth Ginsburg, but nothing compares to the value and dignity of motherhood. Mothers are the ones who influence the next generation.

How many things did you subconsciously learn from your mother or grandmother? Popularity is deceitful and glamour is shallow. I was amazed when I researched Barbra Streisand. Although she became an icon, she spurned stardom.

The value of Virtu is that she has a heart for God. She reaches out to someone bigger than she is. Someone who has the answers.

The Final Kick To Proverbs 31

.Many scholars believe that King Lemuel is another name for Solomon. If that is true, the virtuous woman is his mother, Bathsheba. That is one for the books, as she seduced the greatest king of Israel and demanded her son inherit the throne, although he was well down the heir-apparent line. 

I trust this study has left you with a smile on your face. I do not believe that Proverbs 31 is there to put women under condemnation. Who can burn the candle at both ends, be a powerful businesswoman, gain the favour of your husband and children and remain the essence of virtue? It sounds like an impossible goal to reach.

I don’t know any woman who can reach all those goals. What we can do is to have high goals and give it all we’ve got, making the most of every day. You can only do your best. Don’t let memories of yesterday sour your tomorrow and learn to laugh at yourself. Do you like this powerful woman? I trust the answer is ‘Yes”.

I’ll let you into a secret. My qualifications are a Doctor of Divinity. That only means I have spent a lot of time studying the Word of God. I found great joy in becoming an author at 78-years old. My sci-fi book for 10-12-year-olds should be out around Christmas time. I’ve had adults read the manuscript, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s never too late to try something new. Enjoy being a woman of virtue.

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