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National Treasure

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Queen Elizabeth is both a brand and national treasure, having evolved into a global entity. A brand that has Queen Elizabeth II as its heart and core. It is a Brand she has spent 95 years building.

Brand In The Making

The brand was in the making, even before Princess Elizabeth’s uncle abdicated, making heir apparent to the throne. Only 14-years-old, she made her first radio broadcast in 1940. With her sister Princess Margaret, they spoke to the children of the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth continued building the brand by training as a driver and mechanic during the Second World War. People knew that she had a particular empathy with them.

Determined To Serve The Brand

At 21-years-of-age Princess Elizabeth said in a radio speech, “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

How little did she know how much that promise would demand of her? She was already being schooled to become Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth and the Head-of-State of 16 nations.

Her Brand And National Treasure

The Queen’s Brand is a national treasure because it goes well beyond what is expected. She has successfully found the balance between tradition, innovation and nostalgia.

It takes commitment and dedication to build a brand and make it a national treasure. These attributes the Queen has in abundance.

National Treasure

Across the globe, there has been a marked decline in the number of reigning monarchs. Yet, the brand and national treasure, Queen Elizabeth, remains a worldwide attraction.

Having reached 70 years on the throne, she has become immortalized. She is strongly backed by her close family. Notably, the younger generation, Prince William and Kate.

Brand And National Treasure Value

The Queen is CEO of ‘The Firm’, one of the world’s largest corporations and the fifth largest corporate brand. She is the head of a vast family business.

There is a mystique that surrounds the royals. It fascinates millions. The royal family adds around two million pounds per year to the British economy.

No other monarchy can match the British royal family in being a charismatic ‘megafauna’. It feeds the royalty-tourism ecosystem.

Commercial Associations

Association with the brand and national treasure has a huge commercial benefit. The queen is more discussed than the combination of Ferrari, Nike and Coke.

‘The Firm’ has a value of around £67.5 billion. The queen is one of the world’s richest women, if you consider the royal homes, jewellery and vast art collection. That takes queen’s personal worth around £50 billion, the same value as Coke.

The ‘Kate effect’ alone adds around £200 million to the fashion industry per annum. When she appears in an outfit, or her son is photographed in a dressing gown, it sells out of the shops in just hours.

Protecting The Brand And National Treasure

The royal family earnestly protects the brand and national treasure. They have suffered numerous PR disasters, but under the Queen’s guidance, ‘The Firm’ brand and national treasure have remained unbroken. What happens after the throne passes to the next generation is anyone’s guess.

A solid wall of secrecy privacy surrounds the family, yet they are very high profile. The Queen is supported by three generations, for the first time since Queen Victoria. Each generation has its own style and individuality, keeping the brand in touch with the future.

Most Scrutinized

As a brand and national treasure, the Queen continues to make history, as well as being a constant record breaker. While maintaining an aura of personal secrecy, they are the most scrutinized family in the world. That makes for a very demanding way of life. They can never let their guard down, as some have done to their discredit.

The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, repeatedly made headlines. It was reported she swore when a heel on her shoe broke. She was walking in Buckingham Palace grounds. This is hard to comprehend in 2022. Though, sharing stories about the royals has kept many magazines financially afloat, even if many of those stories are only in a journalist’s imagination.

Served Well

The Queen has served her nation well. She represents a ‘royal show’ that has been around for a 1000 years. Through her dedication, the royal institution has successfully blended tradition and innovation.

Elizabeth visited 110 countries across 6 continents, while the younger generation takes the brand to the millennials.

In her long reign of 70-years, the queen has sat through 100 state dinners. There have been 1000s of meetings with politicians. She has given 1000s of speeches. The working royals carry out more than 3200 engagements per year, both in the UK and abroad.

The Queen has kept the Brand varied, entertaining and alive. Her face is the most recognized in the world, appearing on 35 different currencies.

Brand And National Treasure Doomed

With Diana’s death in August 1997, one in four Britains were fed up with the Royal family. However, when the Queen eventually agreed to make Diana’s funeral a public funeral, it instantly changed the public’s mood.

The Queen won the day, and the brand remains far too valuable to Britain and the Commonwealth to see the monarchy abolished. At least while the longest and oldest serving Head-Of-State remains alive.

The Unique Voice Of The Brand And National Treasure

Queen Elizabeth has succeeded in mastering the art of monarchy. Her voice is unique. Elizabeth’s heart and brand is ‘unity’. She has drawn people together from all nations of the earth. Her brand has been victorious from the Second World War until today.

Every woman in her own sphere of influence is a ‘brand’. While the demands of royalty are known only to a select few, every woman has a value in her sphere of influence. There will never be another Queen Elizabeth II, just as there will never be another you.

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