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Glove Puppets

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Accepting a challenge has been fun. The following is a challenge my daughter gave me. Could I write words of encouragement that could be read in one minute, around just one word? Here is the result. The word I chose, is ‘Sock’.


So, life is hard and you feel at the end of your tether. Taking a break and catching your breath is essential. Go to your drawer and pick out the biggest SOCK you can find. Thrust a hand into the sock so that your fingers reach the toes. Grab the material and curl your thumb around until it forms a mouth. You have created a sock puppet, now you can have a conversation with it.

Sock: Hi, my name is Sock. You look beautiful.

You: Rubbish! I feel and look terrible, and everything in my life is going to the dogs!

Sock: That’s on the outside. I’m looking at your heart and it’s beautiful.

You: That can’t be true. Life is so hard I don’t know how I can go on.

Sock: Life is a journey. You mustn’t let hard times or tragedy determine who you are. You are in a valley, but I promise you, mountains will come again.

You: How do you know that!

Sock: Life is constantly changing. Nothing remains static, not even the bad times.

You: How I wish!

Sock: You can’t bring yesterday back and tomorrow may never come.

You: So? What’s left.

Sock: Today. All you have is today and giving it your best shot. No one can ask anymore than that of you and you have always given of your best, even in the hard times. Be encouraged and take one step at a time and didn’t that make you smile?


The challenge accepted and thoroughly enjoyed and the reading time of the challenge is one minute. Do you have a challenge for us?

Footnote: The above is an example of the wonderful gift we have called our infinite imagination. It acts like the shock absorbers on a car, acting as a bulwark to the ups and downs of life.

The lonely child has an imaginary friend. A harrowed mother looks forward to the peace of nightfall. A chef visualises the delicate dish he is preparing. The writer is eager to get to the computer. A family dreams of their vacation. The Christian imagines being seated in heavenly places. Books take us into exciting new worlds.

The list of how we use our imagination is infinite. Yet, like all things, this has to be held in balance, while valuing the precious gift of our imagination.

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