A Grieving Mother’s Heart

Grieving Mother

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A grieving mother’s heart beats differently to others. Her heart carries a grief that is like no other. Losing a child leaves a void that none can fill.

There were 19 children and 2 teachers killed in the shooting at the Robb Elementary School. Another 16 children were injured. Classrooms of children left traumatised. Mothers only have memories and empty bedrooms. The endless tears flow.

The voice of grief may quieten, but the rift in the heart never heals. The loneliest place on the planet is standing at the grave of a child. A grieving mother’s heart of grief lasts a lifetime. Memories fade, but they never die. The healing process is a long and lonely road.

Extraordinary Courage Of A Grieving Mother’s Heart

Angela Rose Gomez showed extraordinary courage during the Robb Elementary School incident. The police handcuffed her for obstructing police work. Angelia was defended by a police officer and friend, then released.

Angela jumped the fence and ran into the school. Grabbing her kids, she pulled them to safety. Angelia told the Wall Street Journal, “They, the police, did nothing. They stood outside without entering, as the video shows. Without going anywhere.” Confusion reigned.

A father followed Angela’s example. The police stopped him with pepper spray. Parents act without stopping to think. They risk their own life to save their child.

A father recently hid his child in a dumpster during a shooting incident. He returned and searched for the rest of his family.

Mayhem like this cannot be accepted as the norm. Society needs to heed a grieving mother’s heart and not stop until things change. Parents from the Robb Elementary School incident still wait for answers. The grief never heals.

Deadly Statistics

The definition of mass shooting is three or more people shot and killed in a public place. That excludes the perpetrator/s.

There were 698 mass shootings in America in 2021. 705 people were killed and 2,380 wounded. Illinois had the most mass shootings, with 86 incidents.

The US Gun Violence Archives recorded at least 314 mass shootings, up to July 2022. Over 22,000 people have died from gun violence. Many more wounded.

According to The Washington Post, 311 schools have experienced shooting incidents. Over 311,000 students subjected to gun violence. The first gun shooting was in Columbine, on April 20, 1999. The perpetrators were students from grade 12.

The Gunfire Goes On And On

Safety should not be an illusion. Children need to go to school without the fear of not returning home. How many more mother’s hearts need to break before enough is enough?

Governor Greg Abbott condemned the tragedy at Robb Elementary School as “A horrific act of evil.” He talked about healing from the devastation. Yet, shooting incidents continue unabated. From Christmas markets, to shopping malls, gala parades, to sporting events.

The sound of gunfire goes on and on. Witnesses and first-responders are left scarred. You can’t forget the face of a child that’s lying in a pool of blood.

Powerful Lobby Group

The National Rifle Association is America’s most powerful lobby group. They influence members of Congress on gun policy through their substantial budget. It is also America’s longest standing civil rights organization. What civil rights do they give to a mother’s grieving heart?

At NRA’s Annual General Meeting in Texas, they condemned the Robb Elementary School shooting. They said, “It was a horrific and evil crime. The act of a lone, deranged criminal.” The NRA would redouble their commitment to making schools secure.

The NRA is not giving a grieving mother’s heart a voice, despite its powerful position. Incidents of gun shooting will not stop without modifying gun laws.

The call to change gun laws is like standing on a cliff-top screaming into the wind, or commanding the ocean tides to stop flowing. Any American can buy high-powered rifles.

Training For Tragedy

They train teachers to protect their pupils. They give students active shooter drills. People are advised to scan any public areas. Find alternate exits. Look to see If there is any place to hide.

People are being taught how to handle another tragedy. It’s the American Wild West all over again, only with much more sophisticated weapons. Innocent bystanders are the target.

Canada Hears A Grieving Mother’s Heart

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, listened to a grieving mother’s heart. Canada’s new gun laws make it more difficult for a crazed gunman to enter a classroom. It is illegal to have a gun magazine that can kill as many people as possible in the shortest time.

Long-gun magazines will never hold more than five rounds. Under the Criminal Code, the selling and transferring of large capacity magazines is banned. These are the strongest gun control changes in Canada’s last 40 years.

Opponents to changing the gun laws think it’s all about restricting gun ownership. That’s not true. It’s about the type of guns people can own.

A Grieving Mother’s Heart

Listen to a grieving mother’s heart. Assure she is not alone. Every woman has a unique voice that needs to be valued.

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